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[QC] Pre Order SlimQ – 'very small' GaN 65W charger at SiliconZ

In recent years, phones and laptops tend to be much thinner and lighter. However, their chargers are still very bulky, cumbersome and especially for laptop chargers, they all have the common drawback of weight. Today, SiliconZ will introduce a product that can solve both of these problems. That's the SlimQ Charger, the device that the manufacturer announced was a 65W charger with the world's smallest and lightest GaN technology. This charger has been Delicately introduced before.

The secret to helping SlimQ with just the size of a phone charger to bring in a power of up to 65w is GaN material. GaN, also known as Gallium nitride thanks to this material, SlimQ is confident the manufacturer is the smallest and lightest in the world. Currently, silicon materials are the "backbone" of high technology industry but now we have reached the physical limit to make this material better. With GaN material, it allows charging with higher performance, helping devices operate more efficiently. However, with the preeminent features superior to silicon materials, GaN has not been widely applied due to the double cost of silicon and SlimQ is also the first start up to apply this material to the charger to significantly reduce the size size ruler

This product will be introduced by SiliconZ in its upcoming campaign at VND 990,000 for a combo including: 1 SlimQ 65w charger + 1 cable type c to typec + 1 Shock-proof bag

This may not be a cheap price, but if you are the person who is looking forward to the convenience of replacing the rickety wires every time you have to go on business or you want to own the latest technology, this is a level Price is not too high.

For ease of visualization, SlimQ is only the size of a piece of gum.

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But it has the capacity of a 13-inch Macbook charger.

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This device also has 2 output ports, 1 type C port and 1 type A port. The most outstanding feature on this charger is that it supports up to 2 charging ports. 1 USB 3.0 18W charger and 1 USB Type C 65W charger and Power Delivery technology support. When charging both ports, the Type C port has a capacity of 45 w and the type A port is 18 w.

The charger can charge two devices simultaneously, according to the manufacturer, it can charge both devices and fully charge 13-inch MacBook Pro in 1.4 hours and fully charge the iPad in 2.5 hours.

And the last point I want to mention here is that the manufacturer refers to the outstanding features of the product such as: anti-static electricity, anti-overload, anti-explosion, anti-leakage, cable This is against.

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The cable that comes with this product is a C to type C 6ft / 1.8m 3.5 A cable that retails for up to VND 350,000. This cable has a very high elasticity and is resistant to tangles.

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In addition, in this Pre-order campaign you can buy more cables by SlimQ to fit your devices. Type C to Magsafe 1 or 2 cables will cost VND 200,000 and other brands (like Lenovo, dell, Samsung, Hp,) will cost VND 150,000.

We can say with this choice you can completely remove all the messy wires and tidy up your backpack.

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Along with the campaign with the micro-charger product Slim Q this time, SiliconZ also introduces you to very attractive products such as the MOFT Stealth Stand for laptops, phones and tablets and especially has an upcoming campaign. Introduced in November is very much expected to be Micro Drone 4.0, this is Flying cam Micro Drone 4.0 with prices only from 3.9 million VND this is a project

Pre Order here; https://siliconz.vn/sim-q/

SlimQ – World's smallest 65W GaN charger – SILICONZ

Only from 1,690,000 VND I Ultra-thin mechanical keyboard I Connect up to 3 devices I Mac layout I RGB backlighting I Wireless connection I Sold official


The campaign will start at 9:00 am on 4/11/2019

Note: The first 100 orders will be delivered on November 5, 2019

khuyenmai_tinhte@gmail.com (TTKM)

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