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[QC] Nguyen Kim launched a series of shocking products to help consumers easily upgrade their existing living facilities

A series of products of Nguyen Kim in the program “Upgrading facilities – Happy spring as the” extreme discount “has” and superior after-sales services, helping end-year consumers have many opportunities to renew amenities in the family.

Optimize time fund 24 hours

There is no denying the important role of electronic devices in modern life today. From the living room, the kitchen to the bathroom, the bedroom …. technology equipment has helped the family have more quality time for each other, the forms of entertainment after work are also richer and more diverse.

“Nguyen Kim always wants his home to have access to new technology equipment, so that he will have more and more time to develop himself, his family and his career, but his house is always good care, ensure health and mental comfort, “Nguyen Kim said.

Nguyen Kim is one of the brands retail Pioneers, bringing electrical products to users across the country

Statistics show that the majority of families now buy all necessary electronic appliances in the house. That could be household appliances in the kitchen, refrigeration to preserve food or ensure a cool airflow in the home, or invest in TVs and sound systems for family reunion. looks more.

With the current air pollution situation, many families have invested in air purifier products to help make the air in a healthier place. Not only has the feature of vacuuming, the filters of many different brands in Nguyen Kim electrical system also have the effect of bactericidal, eliminating odors (tobacco, food smell …), eliminating mushrooms mold, catch mosquitoes and many other practical uses.

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Consumers are especially interested in health care electronics such as filters and products for daily necessities such as refrigerators and washing machines.

Take advantage of year-end preferential policies to upgrade facilities

Accompanying Vietnamese consumers in the journey to constantly improve their quality of life, from December 23, 2019 to January 24, 2020, Nguyen Kim electronics system implements the promotion program “Upgrading.” comfortable – Happy spring as you like “with extremely impressive prices for all electronic products, electronics. Applicable objects are all customers shopping at Nguyen Kim Shopping Mall retail system or buying online.

In addition, Nguyen Kim also supports more outstanding customer care policies, consumers will have the opportunity to experience 3 programs: Free 1 week of trial products; Bonus 1 year warranty and 1 exchange error 1 product within 1 year.

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Year-end is a time for consumers to take advantage of promotions to upgrade home appliances

Many items of electrical products are extremely strong discount in parallel with this outstanding customer care policy to help customers have the opportunity to “take home” right away without hesitation for too long.

Specifically: When choosing to buy one of the air purifier product lines at Nguyen Kim electrical system, customers will have the opportunity to receive attractive discounts from 7% up to 14% in parallel with experience 3 Free product trial program, one more year of warranty and 1 error for 1 product within 1 year.

These include the following products: Sharp FP – JM40V – B mosquito purifier, the original cost of VND 5.69 million, down 14% to only VND 4.9 million. Air purifier catch mosquito Sharp FP – JM30V – B original price 4.490 million, down 13% to 3,915 million. Coway air purifier Ap-0509DH original price of 6 million VND reduced by 10% to only 5.4 million VND ….

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Customers have many choices of products with affordable prices

For kitchen utensils, many products offer impressive discounts of up to 42%. Housewives will have the opportunity to own 3 sets of Fivestar FS06S1 with the price of only 290 thousand VND, Goldsun 3 pot bottom GE40-3306SG for only 390 thousand … or Luminarc Blooming Maberline 1L glass pot with original price 3, 3 million is only 1.9 million …

As for the gas stoves, the price dropped sharply in the Lunar New Year with Sunhouse SHB204MT gas stove only 390 thousand, Rinnai gas stove with only 450 thousand, or Ellectrolux EGT8028CK gas stove with the price of 4,490 million …

Washing machine product lines, customers also have the opportunity to upgrade their eyebrows in line with the reasonable price in this promotion. Product washer Toshiba 9kg AW-H1000GV with only 6,650 million, LG washing machine 11.5kg T2351VSAM original price 8,790 million, down 17% to only 7,290 million.

To welcome an exciting Lunar New Year in 2020, customers do not forget to upgrade the quality electrical appliances at Nguyen Kim to make life easier, more comfortable than ever.

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