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[QC] [MobiFone TpHCM] "Work hard" with the package for students

An affordable data plan that allows you to conveniently search for academic information, access entertainment applications … is a MobiFone package for students at the beginning of the new year.

Specifically, with HSV25 package, with only 25,000 VND / month, you will be able to use 2 GB of high-speed data for 30 days; Free access to Elsa – English pronunciation training application using AI technology developed by Vietnamese people; Free access to Spotify – high quality online music site. It can be said that MobiFone's HSV25 package is very popular with parents whose children are students.

If HSV25 is a suitable package for students, the HSV50 package will be selected by many students. With 50,000 VND / month, students have 5 GB of high speed capacity for 30 days; free high-speed data access to the Viber application (up to 3 GB); Free data access to watch movies on wapsite movies.fimplus.vn and Fim + application (basic Fim package); Free data to access Vietnamese game publishers' games at gamedata.mobifone.vn.

In fact, the HSV50 package satisfies the students' connectivity needs when traveling on the road or to weak Wi-Fi areas. In addition, the cost is also moderate, in accordance with the student's pocketbook.

To register one of these two preferential and savings prepaid packages, DK texting subscribers or send to 999.

MobiFone has just deployed two affordable and affordable packages for students.

Throughout the operation strategy, young people, in particular students, are always the target customers of MobiFone. Besides the HSV25 and HSV50 packages, MobiFone also has packages that catch up with the trend of young people to access YouTube, Facebook …

Besides, this network also constantly organizes many attractive programs for young people. For example, the show Rockstorm, over 7 seasons of implementation has left a deep impression, lighting the love of music for youth. All proceeds from the ticket sales are donated to Operation Smile charity fund and the poor and studious student fund of the Central Youth Union. Or the program "Turn on global citizenship" is part of a long-term communication promotion project for the community of MobiFone, continuing and promoting the program "One more minute of calling, one more page of notebooks for students. poor Mekong Delta ”…

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MobiFone's new student and student packages.

For details of MobiFone packages and services, access: www.mobifone.vn or contact 9090.

khuyenmai_tinhte@gmail.com (TTKM)

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