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[QC] Mitsubishi Cleansui's "3 no" water filtration solution

At the event of the recent launch of Vietnamese media, Mitsubishi Cleansui's water filtration solutions have attracted all guests with the advantage of "3 no" outstanding – No electricity, no waste water, no installation area.

Appearing in Vietnam market since 2017, Mitsubishi Cleansui brand of Japanese water filter has resonated in Japan and more than 40 countries with the superior technology of hollow fiber filter, researched and developed for the first time. first by Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui in 1970.

This technology is known for its ability to remove impurities that are as small as 0.1 micrometers but still retain natural minerals in the water. This is also the technological advantage of the Mitsubishi Cleansui brand of water filters compared to other products on the market.

Do not use electricity

Technology The hollow fiber filter used for Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifiers allows the device to operate on its own with water pressure of 0.07 – 0.35 MPa without using electricity, ensuring the quality of the output water as well. like filtration rate of 3 liters / minute.

Most Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifiers do not use electricity and are easy to operate.

In addition to direct drinking, fast filtering allows users to work more quickly and easily when cooking food prepared with clean water, such as cooking rice, washing fruit and vegetables, etc.

Do not waste water

In terms of discharge, some water purifiers on the market require large amounts of water to be discharged during the process of creating clean water. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi Cleansui has completely succeeded in creating smart filters, operating quickly and efficiently without wasting this resource.

Alkaline ionized electrolyte device EU301 is the most advanced product line of Mitsubishi Cleansui. The device uses electricity to operate with the ratio of wastewater and filtered water to 2: 8. This means that for every 10 liters of water used to filter, the device will produce 8 liters of filtered water and only 2 liters of water will be discarded. In addition, the device also has the ability to clean itself, thus saving you time and effort to clean the machine.

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EU301 alkaline ionized water purifier.

No installation space

One of the plus points of Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifiers is the compact filter, which integrates 4 powerful filter levels, thus saving significant installation area. Most of the water purification products on the market use complex filtering systems including many filters, causing many inconveniences to users when cleaning, maintaining and replacing filters.

Mitsubishi Cleansui's filter occupies very little living space, can be neatly placed in the kitchen cabinet or placed right on the sink. For tubes installed at EF102 and EF201, consumers can hold the filter fit in the palm. As a result, filter replacement operations are also made simpler and faster, and do not require complex support equipment.

In addition to the advantages "3 no"Above mentioned, Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifier is also outstanding by eye-catching design, commensurate with luxury and luxury kitchen spaces.

EU301 alkaline ionized electrolyte device is considered to be the perfect combination between the advanced technology and the class design with delicate and shiny faucet body.

In addition, the line of water purification equipment incorporating hot water cylinder and filtered water in a single tap EU201 and EU202 also provides a class experience for users. With high-end and luxurious design, the product line is an aesthetic feature of modern kitchen space. EU201 and EU202 allow users to simultaneously use three modes of hot, cold and filtered tap water, making housework surprisingly simple.

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Water filter device integrated with EU201 hot cylinder.

With a wide range of product lines, Mitsubishi Cleansui – Mitsubishi brand's water filter brand is expected to help Vietnamese people to live more safely and healthily in the face of challenges of quality water for living purposes as well as contributing to environmental protection thanks to the streamlined, optimal technology that the hollow fiber membrane technology brings.


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