[QC] Invite to Khac Ten plank to receive promotion

[QC] Invite to Khac Ten plank to receive promotion

You are invited to Engrave Name Saigon and Khac Ten Hanoi to join Plank game to reduce product prices. Accordingly, the longer you plank, the more promotions you receive, the more 7 minutes you will be free, any product, how many products. 4 minutes 50% …

Rules of participation:
– You select the product first and join the plank by the number of minutes, there will be a clock to follow.

  • 1 minute = 20%
  • 2 minutes = 30%
  • 3 minutes = 40%
  • 4 minutes = 50%
  • 5 minutes = 60%
  • 6 minutes = 70%
  • > 7 minutes = 100%
    • Not limited to the type of product purchased.
    • Apply products already in Khac Ten (Do not apply a new measurement model)

This Saturday on June 15 at:

  • Engraving Name SG: 209 Nam Ki Khoi Nghia, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Engraving HN Name: No. 18 Lane 12B, Ly Nam De Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi




New plank has 8 minutes but it is too sore for you.


You go to Khacten.com to see products. Much.

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