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[QC] Hunt iWALK blockbusters – Exclusive at Shopee on this 9.9 super shopping day!

Join Hunt Super Product at Shopee Exclusive with hundreds of genuine iWALK products – energy surpassing the HOT super price on special occasion on 09/09.

Discover iWALK's opportunity to shop for the top quality products – Safety – Convenience of iWALK … with many promotions up to 50% and special service Shopee's Super FreeShip.

View all EXTREME HOT DEALS from iWALK here.

Exclusive Super Product iWALK DBL5000L at Shopee – Not to be missed

Experience the most convenient charging solution in Europe and America with Ultra-compact iWALK DBL5000L. The product is compatible with all iPhone devices such as iPhone 8, 8Plus, iPhone X, XS, XSMax … Especially, the iWALK DBL5000L Super Charger uses Pass Through Charging technology to simultaneously charge and charge devices at the same time. friend.

The 5000mAh iWALK super charger continues its predecessor, the iWALK 3300mAh – the Best Seller in the market this year. Super Charging capacity increased to 5000mAh but the price was only 299k – exclusively at Shopee. Buy now here.

With a small, delicate lipstick-like design, the iWALK 5000mAh charges easily into devices without the need for a cable. High-grade plastic case is shockproof, dirt-proof and slip-resistant. Luxurious black color honors your smartphone.

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The most popular products in Europe and America. See the product here

The iWALK Scorpion X 8000mAh backup battery has 3 built-in output cables (Lightning, Type-C, Micro USB) and 1 USB input cable; Compatible with all smartphones today, cable-free charging, and also supports small charging devices such as Bluetooth headsets, Smartwatches, etc., providing the best compatibility for all mobile devices in High performance. At the same time, with the highest emphasis on safety, you can find tons of safety certification symbols from Europe to the US on Backup Batteries & iWALK products in general: KC, CE, FCC, RoHS.

Let's see the DEAL HOT iWALK Scorpion X UBT8000X power bank!

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Backup battery iWALK Scorpion X 8000mAh – Leading the world. See the product here.

IWALK Scorpion X 12000mAh power bank – is a class version created following the success of iWALK's Scorpion (X 8000mAh) power bank. This new version not only changes in appearance but also significantly upgraded features.

In addition to the built-in 3 output cables (Lightning, Type-C, Micro USB) and 1 USB input cable, also integrated Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology – saving more than 50% of conventional fast backup batteries and Keep battery life better.

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Sample backup battery charger iWALK Scorpion X 12000mAh with super attractive price only 839,000 VND – 1-year warranty 1 CHANGE 1. View product here.

IWALK Secretary + 20000mAh SBS 200Q power bank with multi-technology from Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Quick Charge, both FCP to support small charging devices such as Bluetooth headsets, Smartwatches, etc. Best for all mobile devices at high performance. At the same time, the premium yellow phone holder like the previous elder version (iWALK Secretary Battery + 10000mAh) brings class – luxury to all devices.

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The iWALK Secretary + 20000mAh SBS 200Q battery pack features Quick Charge 3.0 technology for both ends, the optimal choice for those who love class & luxury. See the product here.

The iWALK Scorpion Air 8000mAh charger and iWALK Air Power 10W support Qi wireless charging, built in with convenient two-way Quick Charge 3.0 technology – which can shorten charging time by 4 times.

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Currently, the iWALK Scorpion Air 8000mAh backup battery only costs 849K – if you buy an additional iWALK Air Power Charger 10W, you only need to add 100K. See details here.

iWALK – Smart power solution for all devices

See the iWALK super quality cable line with Europe and America's strictest safety and quality standards, supporting super fast charging. Super price from only 99,000 whiff! Watch now.

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With 16 years of global brand of accessories, iWALK not only brings modern technology from giants, but also offers quality products – premium design, including a clear warranty policy for user.

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Genuine iWALK products have been distributed in more than 48 countries around the world. All iWALK products are warranted until January 12 to exchange 1. You can be assured to experience iWALK products completely.

Don't miss the chance to experience the super good price iWALK with Super Product Hunt at Shopee – Only in 1 September 09.

See details of the offer here.

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