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[QC] Dell's on-site warranty – Service "worth the money"


@The Purge
I don't know if I have a 2 year battery warranty, but when I call the operator about the battery, the switchboards don't mention it. I asked if the battery battery time is 80%, so it only lasts for 1 year, it is 50-60%, how can it be then? If "using a battery bottle is normal, the bottle is fast or slow depending on your use, the battery is still acceptable, so please feel free to use the device, thank you I contacted the switchboard "

When the battery warranty is full, I call the switchboard and ask for the battery replacement price, say it is more expensive than the year, the bottle battery is more than 50%, ask the price instead, they report that the battery is over 2 million, but must Wait for order, not right away. Nor did they hear that they said that your model has 2 year battery warranty. They all ask for the number of service tags and machine names first


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