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[QC] Combining Hotsales up to 60% in the next 3 days can't be missed

Brands such as Samsung, Realme, Innostyle, Xiaomi are running super hot Hotsales in the coming days. Refer to the article to easily find the right product for you!

Hoang Ha Mobile continually updated its sale products with up to 60% from reputable brands. The summary article will help you get more detailed information about the program of Hoang Ha.

Samsung – a Korean technology company is currently one of the largest mobile brands in the world.

In Hotsales program at Hoang Ha this time, Samsung sale plays on the floor like: Galaxy Tab A8.0 tablet phone, Galaxy Fit E smart watch, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active. Details of each product see below!

Phone tablet Galaxy Tab A8.0
In three days 12-13-14 July 2019, Hoang Ha Mobile ran the Old Collection Program, which was applied to the phone version of A8.0 tablet for only 2,650,000 VND, the old price was 3,690,000 VND.

To buy products at the preferential price, you just need to bring an old tablet or old phone of any brand, whether it's a smartphone or a popular phone to Hoang Ha Mobile's facilities.

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Details of the COLLECTION OF INNOVATION program here.

Galaxy Fit E smart watch, Galaxy Watch
From 12/07 to 14/07, two series of Samsung smart watches simultaneously

  • Galaxy Fit E price on website 890,000 => Hotsales only 720,000 VND
  • Galaxy Watch Active price on website 4,790,000 => Hotsales only 3,990,000 VND
  • The Galaxy Watch 42MM website price of 6,090,000 VND => Hotsales is only 4,990,000 VND
  • The 46MM Galaxy Watch price on the website 6.490.000 => Hotsales is only VND 5,490,000

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The Samsung watches are not only used to watch the time, but also can measure the heart rate, step, and receive notifications from connected phones, water proof, … although small but have great martial arts!

Realme is a low-cost phone brand for the affordable segment which is now cheaper in Hotsales program at Hoang Ha Mobile, specifically as follows:

From 06/07 to 14/07 REALME lines are discounted to more than VND 800,000 (below is the price at Hoang Ha after being reduced):

  • Realme C2 – 2GB / 16GB – Genuine price is only VND 2,290,000
  • Realme C2 – 3GB / 32GB – Genuine price is only 2,990,000 VND
  • Realme 3 – 4GB / 64GB – Genuine price is only 4,090,000 VND
  • Realme 3 – 3GB / 32G – Genuine price is only 3,250,000 VND
  • Realme 3 Pro – 4GB / 64GB – Genuine price is only 5,290,000 VND
  • Realme 3 Pro – 6GB / 128GB – Genuine price is only VND 6,150,000

Realme phones are highly appreciated for design by following the latest trends such as the glass back, screen overflow, etc. If you are looking for cheap, trendy design and voltage stabilization features This will be a very reasonable choice.

From July 12 to July 18, Hoang Ha ran the program "Innostyle Party Charger Cable USA"Super cheap from just over 100,000 VND for all Innostyle chargers and tubers.

DESTINATION program details see here.

  • 1.5M USB-A INNOSTYLE DURAFLEX CABLE TO LIGHTNING STANDARD MFI – Genuine listed price 450,000 VND => Banquet price is only 179,000 VND.
  • CABLE INNOSTYLE DURAFLEX 1.5M USB-C TO USB-C PD60W – Genuine price list VND 350,000 => Party price of VND 129,000.
  • Quick Charge Cable INNOSTYLE JAZZY 18W USB-C TO LIGHTNING 1.2M MFI – Genuine listed price 440,000 VND => Party price of VND 179,000.

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In addition to the Innostyle cable charger, Hoang Ha also discounted 2 more Innosyle fast charging bulbs:

  • Quick charge INNOSTYLE USB-C PD 18W MINIGO from 459,000 VND => 360,000 VND.
  • Quick charge INNOSTYLE GOMAX PD 49.5W from 799,000 VND => 590,000 VND.

Innostyle is a brand that is focused on design and at the same time, the quality is always enhanced so it is always trusted by customers when it is launched. It's rare to see Innostyle synchronously reducing the price.

Is the shortened version of Mi 9 but Mi 9 SE still retains the "quintessential" features on Mi 9 and of course the price of Mi 9 SE has been "lowered" significantly.

And yet, from July 12 to July 14, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE – 6GB / 64GB – Genuine DGW price is only 7,150,000 VND, the old price on the web is 7,590,000 VND.

Especially, Xiaomi always has a certain preference for customers with 18 months warranty. Good price, great mode like this, so why Xiaomi was born later but still stood firm on the technology market.

Above is a summary of Hotsales will take place in the coming days at Hoang Ha Mobile. Please quickly choose the right products by visiting 21 Hoang Ha facilities or contact the 1900 2091 hotline!

Hoang Ha Mobile sincerely thanks customers!


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