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[QC] 3 reasons you should choose Anker – Brand accessory # 1 on Amazon

24 million people worldwide use Anker – the leading accessory brand in the United States. And here are 3 reasons you should use Anker for your mobile phone!

3 outstanding advantages of Anker that you need to remember

For the brothers who don't know Anker (although I believe everyone has heard it at least once), this is the # 1 brand on AMAZON about accessories, especially spare batteries, cables and chargers. Anker currently accounts for one-third of the market share of cable, charger & battery backup sold on Amazon, which means that every 3 spare batteries / chargers sold on Amazon are Anker's, scary.

In terms of technology, Anker is highly regarded in the application and research of new materials. Currently, Anker's team has succeeded in applying GaN material to create high-capacity charging products with very small sizes, and of course at competitive prices. This group is also a professional engineer who worked for Google, Dell, … and other well-known technology brands.

Anker series of products not only stop at charging, cable and spare battery (USB charging) but also provide a lot of portable audio solutions with bluetooth speaker series, bluetooth headsets through baby brands. SoundCore. Anker already has experience with battery management circuit design, so the usage of audio products is great. Besides, they also recruited more experts from different sound companies to continuously improve the sound quality and promise to bring even better experiences with 5 outstanding brands that can be used. both indoor and outdoor: Anker, Soundcore, Eufy, Nebula, Roav.

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Anker – America's leading accessory brand – is famous for its 3 battery, cable and charger devices

What promise is Anker officially entering Vietnam market?

In early 2019, Anker launched some impressive new products, SoundCore Motion Plus bluetooth speaker, Rave Mini, rechargeable tubers with the first Power IQ 3.0 technology using GaN material. On July 26, Anker organized the first press conference to introduce the latest products of Anker, SoundCore and Eufy to officially distribute in Vietnam.

Mr. Lam – Director of NDTL, Anker exclusive distributor in Vietnam shared “With the desire to bring the best quality products trusted by many users in the US, we have worked hard to bring Anker back to Vietnamese users at a reasonable price. We believe that Anker will contribute to changing the habit of using good quality accessories when users need to find accessories for mobile devices, personal devices, instead of using poor quality options like before."

Mr. Lam also said Vietnam is the leading market in Southeast Asia and in the top 10 worldwide of Anker. Therefore, in the coming time, with a wide range of products, beyond the range of accessories for mobile devices and meeting the diverse needs of users in the US, Japan and Europe, Anker promises will conquer domestic consumers.

Explaining more about the presence of Anker at the present time, Mr. Leon Lee – Anker Representative in Vietnam (Vietnam Regional Head) – said in 3 years, Anker has researched and found the market inherent many brands participate but the new e-commerce land is the trend and there are many more development opportunities. Therefore, Anker decided to work with eCommerce partners to get closer to customers and after more than 3 years Anker gained 20% market share. Good platform, familiar customers, Anker officially entered into 2 biggest retail chains in Vietnam, FPT Shop and The Gioi Di Dong Mobile, to provide customers with quality products, providing partners with fast and strong development in revenue and profit.

In addition, Mr. Leon also shared some interesting information about Anker in the market. After 7 years of working with Amazon, Anker is in the top 10 best selling brands on Amazon. With a large number of loyal customers, Anker can easily test whether new products are marketed within a month from the product launch date (compared to other brands for more than 6 months). ). This is an important bright spot to facilitate distributors and retailers in other markets for product selection.

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Every Anker product is invested with unique designs that are completely unique to its competitors, while constantly changing based on market tastes.

He also said Anker advocates a lot of resources for R&D with an investment of nearly 40 million USD in 2018. For ease of comparison, Anker's defective rate is no more than 1%, lower than with Other brands are 2% -3% and some OEM brands are above 3% -5% or even more.

Every Anker product is invested with unique designs that are completely unique to its competitors, while constantly changing based on market tastes. Every year Anker records and analyzes feedback from more than 50 million views and reviews products on Amazon to take the appropriate step. Anker products received 8 honors from Red dot last year.


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