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[QC] 3 reasons to buy Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H air purifier

Mi Air Purifier 2H air purifier is now available on Amazon here.

Filter 99.97% air clean in just minutes

Breathing fresh air is an important part of intelligent life. However, up to 99.97% of airborne dust cannot be seen by the naked eye. 2H Mi Air Purifier will help you solve this situation.

The device is integrated with HEPA filter which helps air purification to be more than 99.97% effective, air dust particles of size 0.3μm or more will be filtered for the first time, as well as deodorizing the odor into your room. Even, help eliminate pollen and pet hair in the house.

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The device helps airy atmosphere and ensures safety for family health

In just a few minutes, the machine will automatically circulate the air and promote efficiency in diverse spaces:
● Air circulation for 5 minutes for reading room.
● Air circulation for 8 minutes for the bedroom.
● Air circulation for 11 minutes for the living room.
● Air circulation for 4 minutes for children’s rooms.

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Mi Air Purifier 2H circulates the air in many different spaces

Control easily with Mi Home and Google Assistant

If only one smartphone is installed with the Mi Home application, you can turn on and off the Mi Air Purifier 2H air purifier remotely, even when not at home. This app automatically notifies you when you need to change the filter so you can promptly replace the new filter. In particular, the Mi Home App helps to check real-time room air quality changes and flexibly adjust operating modes based on room size.

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Control Mi Air Purifier 2H air purifier easily with Mi Home App

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Real-time monitoring of air quality measurement (AQI) on Mi Home

Besides, Xiaomi also links this product with Google Assistant feature. You can enter keywords or use your voice to control the Mi Air Purifier 2H air purifier. This feature can control other smart home appliances belonging to Xiaomi ecosystem such as lights, fans, webcams, house cleaning robots …

With the motto “Just for fans”, Xiaomi believes that high-quality technology does not need to cost a lot of money. Xiaomi uses this feedback from customers to create breakthrough products at reasonable prices.

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