Puzzle game-the most messy game in STEAM tags

-People live and devote their lives to understand the mysteries of the world.

Since the word game appeared, puzzle-solving elements may be used flexibly in various entertainments. It is more commonly used in current games, either to help the game create a variety of immersive atmospheres, or directly increase the game playability, or bring a better balance to the game rhythm.

The puzzle-solving elements are like spices, which can have completely different flavors in the hands of different people. But in fact, the puzzle itself is actually inextricably changeable.

Various mechanisms are strange, but in the final analysis they are all classic types: finding differences, finding objects, symbol/digit replacement, clues/fragment information reprocessing, 2D/3D Sokoban, various Huarong roads, various water pipes /Wire/Light Refraction, Tower of Hanoi/Tower of Hanoi games, Sudoku, ice walking, various chess, cards, puzzles, props combinations, etc.

The classic ice road level in a certain version of “Pokemon” (all roads can only be walked once to the end)

These “puzzle solving” itself is a good little game, and in large-scale game production, as long as these elements are added, the whole game will have a fuller and richer feeling, thereby improving its own quality and playability. Sex.

This is the magic of the “puzzle solving” label, no matter what the subject is, whether it is action or strategy, even hang up, dress up, social games, etc., just add the “puzzle solving” label, wow! Box B will go up instantly!

The team leader eats noodles a lot recently, take noodles as an example. If I make a plate of pasta, the combination of olive oil, tomato sauce, meat sauce and the pasta itself can make the most basic pasta, and adding appropriate puzzle elements is like sprinkling the pasta with chopped basil and black Pepper can make this plate of pasta more layered and endless aftertaste. To some extent, it plays a role more than adding more side dishes.

Pure action games, such as the Assassin’s Creed series, also integrate puzzle solving into daily parkour and underground palace exploration. This dish of Italian noodles can be said to be popular all over the world and is still a classic in the classics.

So, magic puzzle solving.

However, magic belongs to magic, and there is a problem that many players may have discovered long ago. The big label “puzzle solving” has been used as a supporting role most of the time in the game. In almost all major productions, where the word “puzzle solving” is mentioned, it will be combined with the word “element” to become “an excellent XXX game with puzzle elements”, and XXX can be any The game type, the only constant is: XXX is the staple food, and “puzzle solving” is always the spice.

“Hong Kong Paradox” is a classic jump and kill game, but it actually contains a lot of puzzle-solving content, which makes use of the outstanding effect of human concentration.

why? As far as the team leader understands, it looks like this:

First of all, we are always obsessed with various puzzles to varying degrees and enjoy the joy of solving puzzles, but if the puzzles are too difficult, only frustration and anger that have nowhere to vent are left.

After all, in other games, if you lose, you can blame others for pitting, but if you can’t pass the puzzle game…you can only blame yourself.

Well, sometimes pure happiness can solve all problems

Secondly, the development of everything is a kind of accumulation. As the accumulated quantity increases, it will inevitably move in the direction of more and more complex and higher level. Things develop like this, and so are the iterations of puzzles.

Combine the above two points, and the contradiction will come.

Assuming that a player has played more than a dozen master puzzles, and the answers to the puzzles contained in these masterpieces are commonplace for him, then the player will need more difficult and unknown puzzles to let him have The pleasure of solving puzzles. However, in this “more difficult” puzzle game, if a rather complicated puzzle content is set to make the old players feel the difficulty, then for other players who are new to puzzle games, playing this game becomes Completely inexplicable “self-demanding and boring”.

“The Room” believes that many players have experienced it. Astronomical, geographical and humanistic allusions are involved. Clearing the level without a strategy can be said that there are still considerable requirements for the player’s horizontal knowledge accumulation, but its difficulty is still controlled. This kind of related knowledge is just a taste.

In the final analysis, a puzzle can be compared to a high-numerical problem. It can be solved by a college student. If it is solved, it can give him a sense of pleasure, but if it is solved by a junior high school student, the ending may not be good. At the same time, a math problem of addition and subtraction can be solved by elementary school students to get the joy of success, but for college students to solve it… I am afraid it is only bored.

The most important thing is that playing the game itself is actually the result of an independent choice, not to mention that a considerable number of puzzle games also need to be paid.

I believe that few people like to download or spend money to download a game to make themselves feel bored or frustrated. After all, not everyone likes to face difficulties.

Ever since, for pure puzzle games, the difficulty setting has become an eternal double-edged sword.

It’s too hard for no one to play, too simple…and even more for no one to play. What’s more, like the team leader, I heard that this game is very hardcore, and there are many chances that you can buy it and leave it in the game library and never open it.

Big Fish’s various puzzle solving series, translated as escape room series in China, have achieved excellent level difficulty and rhythm adjustments based on the accumulation of hundreds of works, and the problems that followed continue to highlight: The feeling is serious. Due to the general unity of the assembly line of each irrelevant work, the player is very easy to have a deja vu playing experience, which is the so-called tired of playing

Does the puzzle game have to be so embarrassing?

The answer must be no. Everything has a stage where it can shine, and puzzle games have their own suitable paths. There are many kinds, but only a few are known to be mature.

First, what is the general definition of classic puzzle games:

Puzzle-solving games, although no-story levels and page clearance categories can be classified here, the puzzle-solving games we generally refer to generally refer to puzzle adventure games (Puzzle Adventure), with themed plot, and the gameplay is mainly through the game The collectible elements of, use various props and derivative gameplay to solve various puzzles to advance the plot, and finally through the player’s own integration of various pieces of information information to shape the characters or perfect the plot. The expression can be written in words, it can be through action, and it can be the most common image adventure puzzle game.

“Monument Valley” (Monument Valley) puzzle solving, weak plot, 3D geometry, level, maze, fresh, poetic, leisure

This work has won numerous awards since its release.Makes both producers and players begin to re-examine the definition of the word “game”

“Magic City” has always occupied a place in the temples of puzzle games, steampunk, weak dark, hand-painted, plot, AVG, healing, independent

Rusty Lake series (Escape from the Cube series), dark, human nature, plot, hand-painted, easter eggs, absurdity, horror.The Rusty Lake series comes from the producer’s high degree of unity of understanding and thoughts of “Double Peaks”. It is a niche puzzle-solving game composed entirely of metaphors, but it has become a puzzle-solving game due to its expanding audience. The classic series of games, and the term “Rust Lake” has gradually become a label of similar games. Others who enjoy the same treatment include “Cairo”, “Soul Series”, etc.

On this basis, it is not difficult to think why graphic adventure puzzle games are now regarded as “orthodox” by a large number of players. They all have a similar framework.

It is the combination of the core of “puzzle solving” + other niche but heavyweight characteristic words.

This approach can now be called mainstream. A considerable number of excellent puzzle games in recent years have been produced on this basic model. Let’s take a few domestic productions as a simple example:
“Lost Island” series = puzzle solving + hand drawing + brain hole
“The Mystery of Ships” series = puzzle solving + thriller + human nature
“A Faraway Story” = puzzle solving + feelings + hand drawn

The overall story of “Distant Story” is short and the puzzle-solving elements are relatively basic, but it also attracted a lot of loyal fans. The game itself does not have any bright plot, but it is everywhere.Feeling elements have been added to resonate with many players, and the negative reviews of the game are mainly focused on the short process. The rhythm and length of the puzzle game process are also a relatively difficult factor to control.

The routines are classic and have been tried and tested. Under the leadership of the excellent painting style and plot, the difficulty of solving puzzles in the game has actually been weakened, and it will not become a problem for the players to be too entangled: the players have long been affected by the excellent plot, music or Painting and planting grass, and then let the wind and rain blow, will not affect too much, unless some typhoon-level BUG or “man-made” death. Therefore, a puzzle-solving game directly relies on elements that do not solve the puzzle to complete its life.

Nowadays, most of the independently produced puzzle games in China are in fact like this. It’s not that it’s not good, because the team leader also likes these games very much. It’s just that from a certain level, these types of puzzle games are called ” A text/picture story adventure game with a lot of exquisite puzzle-solving elements” is more appropriate.

And some games are very magical in the puzzle solving part, such as the “Rust Lake” series.

“Rust Lake” also has a strong plot and various characteristic elements, but the decrypted content in the game itself is closely related to the plot and rich in metaphors. Every time the player solves the puzzle in the game, it is actually a re-understanding of the plot, and will re-guess and think about the plot and related characters.

In the team leader’s mind, similar games to Rust Lake are more in line with the team leader’s understanding of “puzzle solving games”. All the props, puzzles, and mini games in the game all serve the plot and character creation of the game. To explain with a vivid example, it is: Zhang San’s setting is a history professor, so the puzzles about him will be related to a large number of historical clues. Zhang San is an electrician, so puzzle solving about him should consist of various electrical related games.

Furthermore, the puzzle-solving of the puzzle-solving game itself is not the setting of the level of the game, but allows the player to solve the puzzle step by step to understand the plot and characters at multiple levels. In the game, the puzzle solving about the character Li Si includes chess, family crest, astronomical instrument, books, and other related mini games. Then even if Li Si is not described in any way, the player will use his own knowledge to Promote the understanding of Li Si, and build a “real” Li Si that far exceeds the author’s expressive ability with the plot.

The setting of the puzzle game should match the characters of the plot, which is the foundation of the foundation. Basically no one will design a bunch of knowledge-related puzzles that can only be understood by professions such as bankers and astronomers in the role of a farmer. But most of the time, the following problem arises: In the role of a person living alone as a professor in the history department, a design similar to triangle=1, square=5, how many squares equals one triangle minus two squares The puzzle situation. Is it unreasonable? It’s not unreasonable, but it’s very awkward-why is there such a question that is obviously not of interest to senior intellectuals next to a professor living alone in the history department? Is it better to design a question of the type above? This is the problem with a considerable number of puzzle games today.

Furthermore, the real puzzle-solving content of the puzzle-solving game should not be just some annoying level-based puzzle solving, but rather the puzzle solving of the game itself. Players can easily pass the level, or follow the various details to complete a lot of additional puzzle-solving content to pass the level. The results of these two methods can be completely different, or they can be expressed as different depths of understanding of the same ending.

In this regard, the team leader recommends that everyone read “Suspect X’s Devotion”, and you may feel it. After all, for people, the most true is the truth that they know and know.

Okay, that’s far away.

In fact, many games have been produced in a way that presents different endings according to different play progress of players, but these games are mainly presented in the form of text AVG.

“The Night of Quest” is a typical text AVG, and the final feedback players get is to reach different endings according to different choices. There is actually no puzzle-solving element in the game, but when exploring different text options to reach the ending, there is also a bit of puzzle-solving feeling.

Although “The Mysterious Ship 2 Ocean Forbidden Land” is still relatively rough, it is quite close to the team leader’s idea in many places: there are two final endings, and the endings are obtained according to different puzzle solving degrees. At the same time, after the true ending, through different understandings of the puzzles and clues in the game, different players can also draw completely different derivative plots and different character settings under the same ending. It feels like a thousand people and thousand Hamlet.

In fact, puzzle games have always been a very good story carrier.

Very suitable for adding various metaphors and associative information. Due to the need for clearance or collection, players will think and analyze all the details in the game, try to click or consider the meaning of a certain graphic. Thanks to this, players seldom ignore important plot information in puzzle games-if you don’t collect this information and analyze the combination, you will directly get stuck in front of a certain organ or secret door.

This situation is rarely seen in other game types. I believe that players rarely care about what products are sold in the store that flashes by the roadside when racing in Need for Speed, because knowing it or not will not have any impact in the game.

Therefore, in a non-puzzle-type game, adding appropriate puzzle-solving elements will push players from the side to carefully consider various details, and thus obtain a better game experience.

“Assassin’s Creed”, the strongest suit and dagger in the Brotherhood need to complete Romulus’s grave-related challenges to unlock, and these contents are actually a performance of action puzzle solving.Players need to enter the underground palace at the wolf head mark on the map, and then complete the exploration and challenge of each underground palace (mainly climbing the wall), and finally get the strongest equipment, which indirectly improves the game’s playability and plot fullness. The Brotherhood has always had an epic Word of mouth is not without reason

Pulling a long way, or back to our original question, what is a puzzle game-puzzle adventure game.

The current “mainstream” thinking. In fact, it is still supplemented by playing puzzles, mainly narrating the story: let the player actively (or passively) experience a good plot with questions and thinking, and carefully read a story that is worth spending time to explore and can trigger thinking.

On some levels, the team leader felt that this is why many puzzle games are now set for one or two hours of play time—for the price of a cup of milk tea, the time spent in a movie is a small experience. Many but novel games, feel completely different thinking and brain holes, to get beyond daily life imagination, value for money.

This is not the enjoyment that ordinary popcorn movies can bring.

For some blockbusters, the price is higher than a high-quality puzzle game.But the team leader will never go to see

In fact, there is no shortage of large-scale productions that last several hours or even more than ten hours on steam. However, the overall performance, whether it is the work itself or the feedback from the players, seems a little overwhelming.

For puzzle games, in addition to the various factors that need to be considered in all other games, there are also some “patient” related issues that hold the producer’s heart in trying to fly high.

After all, there are many people who can finish Zhuge Liang’s use of the east wind to burn Chibi, but there are very few who have read the complete “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”.

Patience, but what people lack most right now.

This is just the beginning of the team leader’s thinking about the puzzle game, and what the team leader has always seen is only the beginning of the puzzle game. The future has not yet begun.

Source: Lost Strategy Team
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