Putin shows off weapons 'only Russia has'

Putin shows supersonic weapons and lasers 'only Russia has'

President Vladimir Putin affirmed that Russia possesses supersonic weapons and lasers that no other country in the world has.

In a meeting with senior officials and Russian prosecutors on November 6, Putin announced that Russia would continue to expand arms development, but the goal was not to threaten other countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Image: EPA)

"Our army and fleet have proven our high capabilities, and we plan to continue to expand our defense power, bringing supersonic and laser systems to use with the same systems. system of other modern weapons that no other country has at this time ", TASS news agency quoted Putin.

The Russian president added that this plan is not to threaten someone. "On the contrary, we are willing to do everything in our power to promote disarmament or new weapons systems whose sole purpose is to ensure security among the growing threats that they are facing. face to face, "he explained.

Earlier, on October 13, Putin described in an interview with Saudi media that Russian missiles can fly in orbit close to the ground at supersonic speeds. "Among the leading military powers in the world, supersonic weapons will surely come sooner or later. But at the present time, only we have them," he asserted.

In a new development, President Putin has signed an order to dismiss 11 generals who hold high positions in the Ministry of Emergency Situation, the Ministry of the Interior and the Russian Investigation Commission. According to the decree posted on the Russian government's legal portal on November 5, the list included four police generals, six major generals and one military lieutenant general.

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