Putin-Biden summit: Start cleaning up the wreckage?

Putin-Biden summit: Start cleaning up the wreckage?

Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, announced that he returned to Washington in an upbeat mood. The Russian diplomat said a number of meetings were planned, with the hope of “constructive” interactions.

After the meeting between the heads of state of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, the Russian diplomat announced his departure to the US and said that he had a lot of work to do and was full of confidence. into progress.

In March, Ambassador Antonov and the head of the US diplomatic mission in Moscow, John Sullivan, were summoned back to the country for consultations in the context of deteriorating relations between the two countries.

This comes after US President Joe Biden, in an interview with ABC News, stated that the Russian leader “paid to interfere in the US election”. At the same time, the head of the White House affirmed “Yes” when asked if he considered Vladimir Putin a “murderer”.

House of Putin-Biden: How do you want to do it?
The Russian-American ambassador returned to work after the meeting between Putin and Biden

Then, in mid-April, the United States imposed the next package of sanctions against Russia. Within the framework of these measures, 32 individuals and legal entities are subject to the restrictions. In addition, Washington announced the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats, prompting Moscow to respond accordingly, further straining relations between the two countries.

The Kremlin emphasized that in recent years, the US Congress has passed 10 laws aimed at punishing Russia. In addition, there are 15 other bills pending. Along with that, hundreds of different sanctions have been imposed against Russian organizations and individuals.

Russian officials believe that the actions of the US have led to a change in the trajectory of bilateral relations, as Washington is constantly destroying the entire structure of relations between the two countries.

Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov has stated that it will be “very, very difficult to clean up the rubble that has formed in recent years”, because Washington has practically no desire to clean up this wreckage, the White House seems to there is no need to improve relations with the Kremlin.

However, at the summit in Geneva on June 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden found consensus on a number of issues, including agreeing to let the ambassadors of the two countries returned to their working positions.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reminded that this decision creates the conditions to start “cleaning up the wreckage” created by the Americans when in 2016 the US side seized the diplomatic properties of the Russian Federation and the axis. export Russian diplomats.

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