Pursued by Iraq & # 039 ;, Mr. Trump asked for billions of dollars

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                        The United States will not withdraw its troops from Iraq if Baghdad fails to pay for the Balad Military Base that US forces have long been stationed in.

On January 5, talking with the press after leaving Florida for Washington, President Donald Trump announced that the US would not withdraw troops from Iraq if Baghdad did not pay for the Balad Military Base that US forces rumored. Long stay in this country.

“The United States has an extremely expensive air base in Iraq. It cost billions of dollars to build long before my term. We will not leave until Iraq pays for those bases.” Mr. Trump confirmed.

President Trump also threatened to impose “a large-scale punishment Iraq has never seen before”, even tougher than the sanctions against Iran, if Baghdad forced US forces to withdraw troops and no bar. Payment for Balad base.

In Iraq, 'banished', Mr. Trump was forced
US troops patrol in Balad.

The statement came after President Trump held an extraordinary session to pass a resolution requiring foreign troops to withdraw from the Middle East country.

Specifically, Iraqi parliamentarians approved a bill demanding the end of the deal with the US. The agreement allows Washington to send forces to help fight against Islamic State (IS) claiming more than four years ago.

However, this bill has not been reviewed and signed by the Iraqi government. Even if the bill was approved by the Iraqi government, in the event of canceling the agreement, Baghdad had to give Washington a year ‘s notice to prepare for the withdrawal.

The Iraq Foreign Ministry also summoned US Ambassador Matthew Tueller to condemn the murder of Soleimani, describing it as a flagrant violation of Iraq’s sovereignty.

In response to developments in the Iraqi parliament, President Donald Trump’s administration expressed frustration over the Iraqi parliament’s decision.

The US-led coalition counter said it would suspend counterterrorism activities in Iraq. According to the organization, upcoming activities will focus on the defense of US military bases.

Notably, Mr. Trump left open the possibility of disclosing intelligence related to the murder of General Soleimani, and reiterated the warning about the attack on 52 Iranian sites.

Meanwhile, EU leaders called on Baghdad to continue to support the US-led anti-terrorist coalition, as well as support the 2015 Nuclear Cooperation Treaty.

According to Reuters, the Ambassadors of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will hold an emergency meeting in Brussels, Belgium on January 6 to discuss the Middle East after the US air strike killed Iranian General Soleimani. The meeting was chaired by Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

NATO ambassadors meet regularly, but the meeting will be held shortly after the coalition decides to suspend training in Iraq due to security concerns after the death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. .

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