Pure white carbon fiber body is only 966 grams YOGA Pro 13s Carbon for only 6299

Lenovo brought three products in the YOGA Pro series, including YOGA Pro 13s Carbon 2021, YOGA Pro 14s 2021 and YOGA Pro 14c 2021. Among them, YOGA Pro 13s Carbon adopts pure white carbon fiber shell and color matching of the whole machine, combined with high-rigidity magnesium aluminum alloy, to achieve an extremely lightweight body of only 966 grams. The price is surprising, with the first sale starting at only 6299 yuan.

On the afternoon of December 1st, Lenovo held the Lenovo YOGA Pro x Morandi Art Exhibition New Product Light Show at the Mumu Art Museum in Beijing 798 Park with the theme of “Exquisite Masterpieces”. Hu Yiting, Senior Director of Lenovo Experience Design Center, Mu Mu Lei Wanying, co-founder of the art museum, attended the new product launch.

The Morandi Art Exhibition is held by the Mumu Art Museum. It is George Morandi’s first art museum retrospective in China. It will exhibit 80 important works by the famous Italian painter George Morandi. Lei Wanying, co-founder of Mumu Art Museum, said: “In modern art creation, the advancement of science and technology is also constantly empowering. This collaboration between Mumu and Lenovo is precisely such mutual empowerment and ideal fit. We also hope that Through this cooperation, we will show the rational side of art and the perceptual side of technology, and lead us to explore outward from the perspective of art and technology, and constantly break through the boundaries of the boundaries.”

Speaking of the connection between art and technology, Hu Yiting, senior director of Lenovo Experience Design Center, combined YOGA’s product design to express his views: “YOGA’s designers regard it as a piece of daily life when studying the appearance of a product. It’s not just a simple productivity tool.” At the scene, Lenovo brought three latest products in the YOGA Pro series, namely Lenovo YOGA Pro 13s Carbon 2021, Lenovo YOGA Pro 14s 2021, Lenovo YOGA Pro 14c 2021.

As a high-end brand of Lenovo, YOGA brings together Lenovo’s superior R&D resources and technological innovation results. In 2012, the first-generation YOGA product, which was brewing for 8 years, was released. The self-developed “touch screen + 360° flip” mode brought an innovative experience of a machine with multiple modes and created a new form of notebook computer. After layers of iterations, today’s YOGA family has been subdivided into two major product series, the YOGA S series, which are mainly high-tech, light and thin notebooks, and the YOGA C series, which represents quality and classic 360° flip touch notebook.

The three new products unveiled this time are all equipped with the new Intel EVO platform. They all use the 11th generation Intel Core processor equipped with Intel Iris Xe graphics, and respond to responsiveness, battery life, connectivity, audio and The display is designed and tested to rigorously reflect the real working method, and is committed to achieving a more efficient user experience. Let’s take a look at the highlights of this new product:

·Flip as you like, sway inspiration-YOGA Pro 14c 2021

Lenovo YOGA Pro 14c 2021 is the latest flagship product of the YOGA C series. This model is available in metal and leather versions. It is carefully crafted through customized materials to bring an elegant and delicate texture. Among them, the A side of the leather version is made of elegant black grain leather top cover, hand-carved by European top layer cowhide, and passed rigorous aging tests. The transition between leather and metal is natural, which not only makes the appearance more recognizable, but also brings a warm and comfortable touch.

The metal plate is made of aerospace-grade 6 series aluminum material with a metal shell, coupled with Unibody CNC integrated molding process, bringing a high-strength, high-precision precision body. In terms of screen, the new YOGA Pro 14c 2021 is equipped with a micro-frame design 4K screen, with a color gamut coverage of up to 90% DCI-P3, and a 500nits highlight display, without fear of bright light environments, and a more delicate visual experience. It inherits the parallel dual-axis design pioneered by YOGA, the screen supports 360° flip, and the body has a built-in 4096-level pressure-sensitive stylus to achieve a multi-mode use experience. Plus DisplayHDR 400 and Dolby Vision dual certification, whether it is creative or entertainment video, it can be easily competent.

In terms of fuselage configuration, YOGA Pro 14c 2021 is equipped with the 11th generation Intel Core processor i7-1185G7, built-in Intel Iris Xe graphics, 16GB memory + 1TB SSD storage combination, powerful performance to ensure extremely fast and efficient office. The 60Wh large-capacity battery and the energy-saving features of the new generation platform bring about 10 hours of long-lasting battery life, which can easily meet the needs of daily work and entertainment.

·Wisdom enjoys innovation, quality is in love-YOGA Pro 14s 2021

The YOGA Pro 14s 2021 is the flagship model of the YOGA S series. This product combines excellent workmanship with comprehensive performance. The A side is selected from European top layer cowhide. After more than 20 processes, a number of craftsmen handcraft a soft and luxurious leather surface, which is warm and comfortable, and has a delicate texture; the body has undergone 27 complex processes, supplemented by CNC integrated molding technology , Diamond cut edges, polished fine details. The whole machine is as thin as about 13.9mm and light as about 1.3kg. It is elegant and easy to go with.

In terms of overall configuration, YOGA Pro 14s 2021 is equipped with a 4K resolution display, which also has 90% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage and 500nits high-brightness display. The unique feature is that it uses the industry’s first large-size 3D glass full coverage, exquisitely polished Polishing makes the screen clearer. At the same time, the screen also supports 10-point touch control, making the operation and interaction easier. Equipped with the 11th generation Intel Core processor i7-1165G7, built-in Intel Iris Xe graphics, 16GB memory + 1TB SSD storage combination, professional display + all-round performance, bringing ultimate productivity.

YOGA Pro 14s 2021 is equipped with a 63.5Wh high-capacity battery, which can provide about 13 hours of excellent “stamina” under the endurance benchmark test, helping you to be creative anytime, anywhere. In addition, with the help of Lenovo’s unique “Xuanyuan AI” chip, it also realizes intelligent experiences such as power-on when the cover is opened, screen brightness and keyboard backlight adaptive environment, and automatic screen lock when people walk, which maximizes the liberation of hands and is born for efficiency.

·Eye-catching appearance, extremely lightweight-YOGA Pro 13s Carbon

Another heavyweight product unveiled this time is Lenovo YOGA Pro 13s Carbon. It innovatively uses aerospace-grade low-density, high-strength carbon fiber material, combined with high-rigidity magnesium-aluminum alloy, to achieve an extremely light weight of only 966 grams. Quantify the body. Coupled with the pure white carbon fiber shell and the color matching of the whole machine, it is both light and beautiful.

The appearance is beautiful, and the performance is equally good. YOGA Pro 13s Carbon 2021 uses a 2.5K high-resolution display with 100% sRGB color gamut coverage, presenting true and accurate color pictures; about 91% screen-to-body ratio, 16:10 golden ratio screen, can satisfy both office and entertainment Demand; its screen also has a DC dimming and non-screen flash design and Rheinland low blue light certification, which further protects the user’s eyesight and is easy to use without hurting the eyes.

In terms of configuration, it is equipped with the Intel Evo platform, equipped with the 11th generation Intel Core processor and Intel Iris Xe graphics. Compared with the previous generation Core, the processor performance has increased by about 24%, and the graphics performance has soared by nearly 87%. The combination of 16GB+512GB SSD guarantees a powerful and efficient experience. Extremely light and balanced performance, YOGA Pro 13s Carbon 2021 can be said to be an ideal choice for mobile office.

Not only was the YOGA Pro series collectively newly launched, but another mysterious new product-Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 14 2021 nuclear display version was ushered on the scene. It is equipped with the 11th generation Intel Core i5 processor and Intel Iris Xe graphics card, and the overall performance is strong; the screen specifications are also brilliant: 16:10 golden ratio, wider vertical field of view; 2.2K high resolution, slim and more delicate; Rheinland Eye-protection + eyesafe dual certification, you can protect your eyes without switching modes, without compromising on colors.

In terms of the price of new products, the prices of the YOGA Pro series and Xiaoxin Pro 14 2021 are as follows: YOGA Pro 13s Carbon 2021 has a daily price of 6,599 yuan and a spike price of 6,299 yuan. This price can be said to be very surprising! The daily price of YOGA Pro 14s 2021 is 13,499 yuan, and the initial price is 12,999 yuan; the daily price of YOGA Pro 14c 2021, black leather is 13,499 yuan, and the initial price is 12,999 yuan; the daily price of the smart eye gold metal model is 12,499 yuan, and the initial price is 11999 yuan; Xiaoxin Pro 14 The daily price of the 2021 nuclear display version is 5499 yuan, and the initial price is 4999 yuan.


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