Purchasing price of Huawei P30 Pro reduced shock to only 130 USD in the UK, losing 90% value - VnReview

Purchasing price of Huawei P30 Pro reduced shock to only 130 USD in the UK, losing 90% value – VnReview

The price of a Huawei P30 Pro smartphone has been squeezed from 1,150 USD (about 26.7 million VND) to only 130 USD (3 million VND), reducing 90% of the original value.

Besides the traditional smartphone market, we also know that the market for buying and selling is also exciting. This secondary selling channel also contributes to the sales growth of any smartphone. However, this is also a place ready to bury any smartphone if it is unfortunately lost, sticky phosphate. For example, Huawei P30 Pro is being forced by many people.

According to the Forbes, on the popular smartphone exchange site musicMagpie in the UK, the Galaxy S10 + with good condition is accepted by this site for about 650 USD. The price has decreased by about 45% compared to the new machine.

Galaxy S10 + can be sold for $ 650

But when searching for the Huawei P30 Pro and the same website, many people were surprised when the device was in good condition but was only accepted to buy for less than 130 USD. In other words, the price of the P30 Pro has dropped by almost 90% despite just debuting more than 2 months ago.

The Huawei P30 Pro is only about 130 USD

The company's Huawei P20 launches in 2018 even more dramatically. Only a few months before the British Express newspaper, users can resell the P20 Pro for $ 356, but the "go" price of the machine is only 64 USD. Bitter when Samsung's flagship last year was Galaxy S9 / S9 +, which sold for about $ 299, which is higher than the new Huawei P30 Pro this year.

This is a prediction due to the trend and market sentiment is always unstable before any unexpected information. The US prohibition of these companies cooperating with Huawei is a "cold water" bouncing on the ambition to become the world's No. 1 smartphone company by 2020 and the goal of deploying 5G networks in many countries around the world.

In many of Huawei's major markets such as Europe or Asia, users' fluctuations have been recorded. The majority of users who know whether or not Huawei's problems are still in fear and want to sell Huawei smartphones as soon as possible to avoid the risk of being unable to resell later.

But it is also the psychological fear, this sell-off of users helps the trademen or opportunists benefit from buying Huawei phones at extremely low prices.

On the other hand, many retail stores in Singapore and the Philippines are showing signs of fear of consequences of the ban so they actively did not purchase Huawei smartphones to avoid the risk of being unable to resell. Demand for purchasing Huawei smartphone models has also plummeted in many markets in Europe or Southeast Asia, including Vietnam.

Although Huawei smartphone models are currently not affected by the US ban, according to many experts, consumers with crowded psychology rarely have enough composure to continue their peace of mind with using Huawei smartphones.

Of course Huawei and Google have made explanations and messages that emphasize that both will continue to support Google services, security updates for existing models, but that is not enough to dispel take the worries of consumers. Perhaps a more thorough and thorough solution is needed to bring consumers back to their senses.

Tien Thanh

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