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Punching the opponent with blood, the ‘Crazy guy’ McGregor goes into UFC history

Leaving the UFC arena for 1 year, earlier this year (2020), “king” Connor McGregor marked the return stage with the victory could not be more impressive. Boxers nicknamed “crazy guy” only took 40 seconds in the first half to defeat the opponent.

The confrontation between McGregor and rival nickname “cowboy” Donald Cerrone takes place at the T-Mobile Arena. On the day of returning to the octagonal cage, McGregor left a victory not only in god speed but also in blood.

In fact, it was Donald Cerrone who took the initiative. “Cowboys” approached McGregor to attack immediately after the signal to start the first half of the referee. However, the “King” UFC knows how to show their bravery.

Instead of dodging, boxers nicknamed “Crazy guy” constantly have the kick to cause the opponent to step back. Combined with defensive skills, “yeah”, McGregor is also the master of choosing the time.

After repelling Donald Cerrone and causing this boxer to lose his advantage, “Crazy guy” unleashes a charge that causes the opponent to fall to the floor. At this time, with the advantage of standing compared to Cerrone (kneeling), McGregor repeatedly punched and punched his opponent, making the opponent dark in the face and strewn with blood all over his face. This entire process takes less than 40 seconds.



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