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Puma and Porsche created a collection of shoes inspired by the 911 Turbo

911 is the legendary race car of not only Porsche but also the car industry, it is the inspiration for the emergence of so many different products, today the Puma shoes. There will be two different shoe lines for this collaboration, all bearing the distinctive colors of the 911 Turbo models.

Puma chose Future Rider and Speedcat shoes to collaborate with Porsche, to express the style and change from the 911 era to the liquid cooling era.

In which, Future Rider was selected for the first 4 phases of the 911 Turbo, while using gas for cooling. And Speedcat is for the later, newer stage with liquid cooling. Puma uses typical Porsche colors such as Riviera blue, red, yellow or gray.

There will be only 500 pairs of shoes in all different foot sizes for this collaboration, priced at $ 150 per pair and released November 17. The pre-order will start from 11/16 in a span of 2.7 seconds, which is the time for the 911 Turbo to hit 96 km / h (60 mph).


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