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Publishers are disappointed with the revenue that Apple News + brings

Promised by Apple for a large audience, high revenue, but the actual results have caused many partners to provide content for Apple News + not satisfied.

Launched in March this year, Apple News + news service from Apple faced initial controversy about user experience as well as the relationship with publishers. Now, some publishers have just said that the revenue they earn through Apple News + is disappointing.

According to a report from Business Insider, Apple initially expected publishers to earn 10 times the revenue they earned from Texture in the first year from Apple News +. However, "After more than 3 months, the actual earnings are only one-twentieth of what they say", a publisher publisher revealed.

In addition, publishers also expressed dissatisfaction with the design of Apple News + application and wanted Apple to help them easily transfer magazine content to this application. Because publishers are paid based on the read time for a specific user publication on the Apple News + application.

Finally, the report said some publishers were surprised when Apple lacked attention to details related to Apple News +.

“Apple has a history of hardware and software products available at launch, but Apple News + seems to be an incomplete application. I don't think they're trying hard on it ”- MA partner with Apple reviews.

For its part, Apple said it had "open dialogue" with publishers, which said Apple News + team is addressing concerns raised by partners. However, the company declined to mention details and it seems that not all publishers are convinced.

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