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PUBG Mobile Theme UI Design: Exploration of Wasteland Art Style

The following article comes from the Photon Design Center, author Mu Musan
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“Wasteland”, as an artistic style, became popular after World War II, and its origins came from human worries about the crisis of nuclear war. Until the end of the last century, with the birth of the movie “Mad Max” and the game “Wasteland”, the term “wasteland” was recognized and popular as an art form. Survival and destruction have been one of the long-standing issues in human history. The wasteland is the rebirth after destruction, and it still implies the human yearning for beauty.

1. Wasteland Art Style

01. Definition of Wasteland

As a sub-type of the science fiction system, the wasteland theme usually discusses the changes of civilization after a huge catastrophe and the world after the apocalypse. It represents a fictional world in which the human living environment is severely damaged and the survivors A state of struggling for survival in a cruel environment.Common types are: meteorite planet collision, nuclear disaster, natural destructive disease, artificial biochemical crisis, alien invasion, artificial intelligence awakening and blackening, species mutation, super natural disaster, supernatural phenomenon, religious ultimate judgment, etc.

02, the type of world view

Mild damage: This type of apocalyptic world usually comes from non-physical damage, such as virus outbreaks, nuclear weapons pollution, and Resident Evil. Under this setting, most hard-surface structures, buildings, cars, and objects are only slightly damaged, and the core structure remains.

Moderate and severe damage: This type of apocalypse mainly originates from nuclear wars, earthquakes, alien invasions, tsunami floods, meteor falls and other catastrophes, which lead to the extinction of humans and other creatures. The environment has been greatly destroyed, and the extreme weather has caused the entire world to be extremely damaged. (Such as Crazy Max/Future Water World, etc.)


2. PUBGM Wasteland Theme UI Design

The theme of each issue of PUBG MOBILE’s ROYALE PASS (hereinafter referred to as RP) is an independent packaging form, which is not strongly related to the core world view of the game, so it gives the RP theme series more free design space.

01, RP season world view

The theme of PUBG MOBILE’s tenth season is the apocalyptic wasteland, which is defined as moderate to mild damage after the world war, water shortage, harsh desert environment, world civilization collapsed, and the surviving people dig out the desert ruins for use The material struggle for survival and the reorganization of rights.

[ 本期设定图 ]

02, PUBGM wasteland wind design principles

Survival instinct driven product

In this world view, people use objects (random objects) that ordinary people can’t predict, usually by smelting, fitting, winding, mixing and other methods to combine different objects together. Therefore, the shape is rough and not consistent with common sense.

Make good use of available resources

In the wasteland world, it is not that they have sophisticated manufacturing processes and rich suppliers. It is difficult for them to find ideal resources, but to achieve your goals, humans often need to make good use of the existing resources around them.

Exaggerated design

In the apocalyptic environment, all designs are for survival, both in appearance and practicality. Exaggeration in appearance can create a sense of fear for enemies encountered. In terms of practicality, humans need multiple backup plans to cope with environmental changes. Therefore, The design is relatively complex and mixed.

The visual elements use dilapidated / rust / splicing / splash / graffiti to build a world of wasteland. You can see all kinds of rusty, damaged metal, iron mesh, pipes, etc., through welding and nails. The means are melted together, and inkjet is added to show the unyielding will of human survival.

Theme background keywords:

Low technology, war damage, corrosion, rust

Painting, neon tube, hot sun, desert environment

03. Theme element analysis and style definition

Low tech

Although the timeline has advanced, the level of technology has declined due to the destruction of the war, so it is necessary to control the emergence of high-tech performance.

Battle damage and corrosion

War leads to the destruction and deterioration of the environment. The harsh climate corrodes everything. Metal is oxidized. Welding and smelting various metal fragments are the mainstream methods.


In the wasteland world, it is difficult for one person to survive, so usually many people will gather together and form an organization to defend or plunder. When different people gather together, they need to be able to recognize the signs of friend or foe, so this is also one of the very important elements.

Neon tube

In the world of various metals and desert packaging, neon lights represent life and vitality. There will be bars or shops where people gather. To a certain extent, it represents the light and hope of modern humans and the unyielding will of survival.

Scorching sun desert

Usually deserts give people a feeling of bad ecology. Deserts under the scorching sun can kill people even more. It reflects the extremely harsh living environment and resonates with users.

04. RP system main logo design

Combining the background of the story, through the extraction and analysis of keywords, our design has entered the stage of brainstorming. In fact, the visual types of Doomsday Wasteland in various styles on the market are already comprehensive, similar to the style of “Borderless Land”. The super-realistic visual effects of “Mad Max” are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so we need to combine PUBGM’s game themes (realistic themes) for self-packaging.

The following is part of the design process display:

Final draft:

3. Continuation of case design analysis

RP system purchase interface & reward interface:

Resource exchange activities:

The picture above is an activity interface for collecting resources and redeeming clothing, creating a resource-poor environment in the wilderness. Dilapidated wilderness refueling points, a sluggish and dry atmosphere as the main tone, with gas dispensers as the main UI carrying area, through the collection of specific resources to exchange items, the same as in real life you use currency to replenish the gas station.

Full server purchase:

First charge of the season:

Do not return to the draw:

Black Friday discount activities:

The design of the Black Friday event rendered the atmosphere of an American underground bar in the 1980s, just to prove the relaxed and leisure environment of people in the apocalyptic world. They resist or plunder in order to survive during the day, and come to the bar to relax at night.

In the design method, CD player, retro TV, neon lights, concrete brick wall, etc. are used as design decoration elements. When you enter the system for the first time, there will be a discount TIPS, but it will be very dry and boring if you directly use the pop-up window to achieve .So combined with a retro CD machine to create an atmosphere, it can also deepen your memory for the unique discount ratio obtained this time.

Illustrated books and activities:

It is worth mentioning that the wasteland style props in the interface were also drawn by the designers of the Photon Design Center! In-depth understanding and control of the subject matter, coupled with superb hand-painting ability, UI designers can also make wonderful 2D concept settings. This issue will show you one of them first.

Four, brand operation design analysis

RP design

1. Use more saturated colors and combine the direction of mud and sand, from aggregation to dissipation, to design three-dimensional surrounding pictographs.

2. The text is extended to the main KV.

3. The theme products are displayed front and back, with partial close-ups in the front, and distant products create a sense of plot.

4. A conceptual information board composed of steel, wood, neon and other elements to cooperate with the reward display.

5. The shabby signs of the season are still used, chains, exhaust, and the wild style of the theme is named with the Spitfire dynamic effect

Season packaging

1. The overall use of rusty metal, cloth, wood and neon, which are relatively rough and hedging materials, has become the main element of the western wasteland style. Combining the reflection of sunlight to show some luster, and adding partial strokes, break the part of the decadence of wasteland.

2. Combining the exhaust pipe of the vehicle, tires and other objects is also an extension of the design elements.

3. Season rank display.

4. Product display.

5. Some dilapidated signs, chains, and wild fire-breathing effects, coupled with the protagonist, continue to create a wasteland atmosphere.

Five, write at the end

In this article, we tried to summarize the concept of wasteland art style. Combined with the analysis of the theme UI of PUBG Mobile’s tenth season, we can see that the design method of wasteland style is mainly through the analysis and dismantling of the story background. Reorganize to form your own theme style. However, the design style is more diversified in visual presentation due to different story backgrounds.

Source: Tencent Game Academy


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