PUBG Mobile stands with former Euro players

After previous cooperation deals, PUBG Mobile recently continued to introduce its new ambassadors on the occasion of the UEFA EURO 2020 Finals.

PUBG Mobile recently announced a partnership with two former international soccer players, Patrice Evra of France and Robin Van Persie of the Netherlands, with the aim of supporting these two football legends. their hometown on the next stage of competition at the UEFA EURO 2020 Finals. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for the PUBG Mobile community to share their passion for football with their idols. time.

PUBG Mobile stands with former Euro players

Accompanying PUBG Mobile, both Patrice Evra and Robin Van Persie participated in a TVC segment to share their joy with fans when coming to this survival mobile game. At the same time, the two players also called on the community to participate in the “Kick Bottle Challenge” challenge on TikTok, which will take place from June 27 to July 12, which is also the period when the French and Dutch teams enter the matches The tension of the knock-out match at the UEFA EURO 2020 Final Round.

PUBG Mobile stands with former Euro players

In fact, this is not the first time PUBG Mobile has collaborated with international football players. Earlier in 2020, the survival mobile game that accompanied the Belgian star Kevin De Bruyne in the PUBG Global Extreme Challenge campaign.

Recently on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of its release, Tencent announced that the game has surpassed 1 billion downloads, thereby continuing to affirm its position in the mobile survival game village. During that time, PUBG Mobile has also collaborated with many famous global brands, including: BLACKPINK, Angry Birds, Walking Dead, Godzilla vs Kong and McLaren.

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