PUBG MOBILE Season 10 Item Leak: New Expressions, Headwear, Skins, etc.

PUBG MOBILE gets new updates from time to time, which can add new game content or introduce new seasons. Just a few days ago, the developer completed the full release of the 0.15.0 update, and finally launched the payload mode proud of helicopters and rocket launchers. In this way, the PUBG MOBILE team is now ready to release the Season 10 update to the game and provide a new theme with content and awards.

According to the popular PUBG MOBILE prompter Mr. GhostGaming, the 10th season update is being prepared, and like every new season, this season will have a lot of new game content and new passes and missions. Season 9 is coming to an end and PUBG MOBILE may soon release an update for Season 10 to the stable version of the game.

Season 10 will be released as an update to the game, but it is said that it will be launched as an in-game update, so no other content will be downloaded from the Google Play store. The tip also states that the update will not bring any new content or game changes, except for Season 10.

Season 10 will offer players two different passes, the Elite Pass and the Elite Plus Pass, the latter of which provides better quality content than before. As a visual theme, the Season 10 update will be inspired by the theme of Wrath of the Wasteland. For season-themed things, PUBG MOBILE will provide new skins for the 10th season parachute skins as well as the M249 and M416 Assualt rifles. There will also be a new Dacia skin. As part of the new gear, the Season 10 update will include new headgear themed with Irradiated Frog Set, Apocalypse Guardian Set, Desert Cavalry Set, and Snow Girl Set.

Season 9 will end on November 9, and Season 10 is expected to arrive in the next few days. So if you are busy collecting the rewards for Season 9, you should hurry up because it ended almost a week ago.

Recently, Fortnite also ended its 10th season, but it was marked as an in-game event. Fortnite players witnessed a large apocalyptic match during the closing time of season 10, when an asteroid cleared the entire map and caused the black hole to devour everything. The black hole later released a new map with an update to Chapter 2, Season 1, including new activities and weapons.

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