Psychedelic design: Bringing an artistic touch to the design

Psychedelic design: Bringing an artistic touch to the design

Whether you’re building a whole new brand or just looking to innovate, it’s important to take risks to stand out. Design-wise, risk-taking can make your design stand out from the crowd and leave an impression on customers or viewers. One of the best ways for a brand to win through risk taking is to establish a design style that is alive and not more eye-catching than a Psychedelic design.


Designers: Eliza Osmo, Fahrenheit 32, Monifa Behrooz, Aldo 4 4

What is Psychedelic design?

Psychedelic design is an experience that immerses you, stimulates your senses, and leaves you with something memorable. Elements of the psychedelic design will do just that. Some of the hallmark features of the psychedelic design include magical imagery, kaleidoscopic patterns and spiral patterns, extremely bright colors, extremely intricate details, and eye-catching typography, plus it includes many vignette, deformation, …

Movements like Art Nouveau, Vienna Secession, Surrealism, Op Art and Pop Art have shaped the psychedelic style we know and love.

llustration design by OrangeCrush

San Francisco’s poster designers Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso, Bonnie MacLean, Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley, and Wes Wilson were key influencers in establishing the unique features of the Art movement. hallucinations of the 60s.



Modern psychedelic design example

Ballhooter Festival poster design by MANTSA

The Hippie movement has made psychedelic design the mainstream. The Ballhooter Festival poster offers a modernity based on iconic posters of the past. The flexible, wavy typography blends into the background and striking patterns create the illusion of movement. Notice the combination of the gradient colors in the word “festivali”. Recently, Gradients have taken a short cut, especially with logo design. In this example, the gradient emphasizes the visual depth of the poster and helps to enhance the multidimensional look.

Design logo Pure Ink Printing by Black Arts 888

Color: this is an important aspect of the psychedelic style, and the Pure Ink Printing logo really makes it all. The elements of surrealism are fully displayed in this logo, laying the foundation for it. However, the typeface goes in a more modern direction. Aesthetically, it’s a mix of past and present, and with a super-saturated color palette it’s sure to catch the attention.

Johnny Kiotis’ SRT Car Care t-shirt design

Slammin’s psychedelic design focuses on textures. The design takes intricate details to the next level, featuring a blend of graceful lines, patterns, fun typography, and a sunset-inspired palette.

Design of the Enigma Vapor label by drawizart

Eye-catching and instantly noticeable: it’s a hallmark of the psychedelic style, and the Enigma Vapor’s packaging does just that. Lustrous curves and colors create a sense of sophistication, while a two-tone background feels refreshing like a black poster.

Refer to 99Design


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