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PSG.LGD fired the new carry after 5 days of probation

PSG.LGD’s test with Maylaysian carry player Lai “Ahjit” Jay Son was over. The Chinese organization decided to try the second carry in just 5 days, replacing Ahjit with Li “ASD” Zhiwen.

The previous team saw off Wang “Ame” Chunyu, who had been with them for 4 years. This change has surprised the Chinese Dota community because Ame is one of the most stable and talented carry that the country has.

Unfortunately for Ame, he was only the first victim of PSG.LGD’s change. The organization is looking to do it again after the disappointing results at DPC 2019-2020.

According to a post from Weibo, because Ahjit was unable to keep up with the team’s tactics and deployment, he was temporarily put on the bench.

New ASD recruits will take position 1. Like Ahjit, this will be the first time ASD has been playing for a Tier 1 professional team. Before that, he was just hanging around with tier 2 teams in China like CDEC and Revive. . Although he has experience in the carry position, the last time he played, with Revive, ASD played mid.

PSG.LGD is playing the open qualifier in China region. There is no time to change anymore, so this will be the temporary official squad of the Chinese tycoon. If it fails again, maybe PSG.LGD will have to adjust even more.

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