PS5, Xbox Series – Supply difficulties until summer

The phenomenon is talking even more than the release of the consoles themselves: the difficulty of getting their hands on a new generation machine. Since their release late last year, it’s been extremely difficult to get your hands on a PS5 or a Xbox Series X|S. With each very short restock, players rush in, and stocks run out in seconds.

A phenomenal success? Not that much… The general press has taken over the unofficial figures from the Ludostrie site in recent days which show that sales of Sony and Microsoft machines, although sold-out, are far behind those of previous generation machines, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The fault not so much with the demand, but especially with the offer: there are simply not enough consoles on the market … Phil Spencer, boss of the Xbox brand for Microsoft said it himself:

“We don’t keep them [les consoles]. We make them as fast as we can. We run all the production lines. I was still on the phone with Lisa Su from AMD last week, asking him “how do I get more?” “- Phil Spencer, during an interview given at the very end of last year at

And the bad news of the day is that the situation will last. It is Lisa Su herself, CEO of AMD, the very one with whom Phil Spencer was trying to negotiate “more”, which declares it, drawing conclusions from the figures made by AMD for the fourth quarter of 2020. According to her, we should not wait for the return to the shelves of PS5 or Xbox Series before the middle of the year 2021. The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others: we learn at the same time that thanks to the requests of the two manufacturers of consoles, for which AMD manufactures custom-made chips, the company never so well worn!

When it comes to consoles, games and gamers, the heart may not be so happy: if the shortage situation continues (and apparently it will), publishers risk postponing the release of number of their titles planned on PS5 or Xbox Series. What is the use of putting a game on the market when almost no one has the console to run it?

We would then witness a real start of this generation at the start of the next school year, with a year behind the “official” date. Like a Stadia that starts everything slowly, or an unfinished Cyberpunk 2077 published, the era is definitely that of early access!


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