PS5 escort works broke the news! “The Order: 1886” will push exclusive PS5 sequel

The PS4 escort work “The Order: 1886” produced by the developer Ready at Dawn, although the publicity is very strong and the picture is very delicate, but the performance of the work after the official release still disappoints many players, the developers It quickly moved from “The Order: 1886” to other new projects. The latest rumors said that the “Evangelion” IP will have a second-generation sequel to return to the scene.

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Anyone who had leaked the relevant information of “PS4 Pro” accurately, the user OsirisBlack on NeoGAF brought the latest inside information. He said that he had watched the sequel to “The Order” and described some details.

It sounds like the trailer will show a man with a shoulder-mounted device going through a group of dimly lit rooms, followed by a yellow-eyed monster, forcing the man to speed up. OsirisBlack describes human modeling, lighting, and physical effects as “at a level that is now impossible.”

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夏季 In the summer of 2019, there was also news that Ready at Dawn was developing a sequel to The Order: 1886, but at the time it was rumored to be a PS4 / PS5 dual platform.

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