Provide intelligent operating system for high-end equipment, "Intermediary Information" completed tens of millions of A1 and A2 rounds of financing

Provide intelligent operating system for high-end equipment, “Intermediary Information” completed tens of millions of A1 and A2 rounds of financing

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36 Krypton learned that Shanghai Jifang Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiefang Information”), an intelligent operating system for high-end equipment, recently announced the completion of tens of millions of A1 and A2 rounds of financing. The A1 round of financing was exclusively invested by Cisco Ruixin. The A2 round of financing was led by Langmafeng Venture Capital, followed by Zhongke Chuangxing, and Xilin Investment served as the exclusive financial advisor for the two rounds of financing. Funds will be mainly used for product development and landing, the establishment of pre-sales and after-sales teams, and the exploration of civilian scenarios.

Founded in 2016, Intermediary Information is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the independent research and development of high-end equipment intelligent operating systems based on “software-defined” technology, and provides customers with high-end hardware boards under the “software-defined” architecture, providing one-stop High-end intelligent equipment software and hardware platform solutions. The company’s core technology has broad application prospects in high-end unmanned equipment and large-scale distributed systems, and currently mainly involves the field of military software radio equipment.

Generally speaking, the operating system has two main functions. One is to provide users with various application services, and the other is to provide developers with a relatively unified development environment and development tools to simplify their development process and reduce the cost of related hardware. Application development threshold.

Different from the smart devices used by consumers, high-end equipment often needs to integrate dozens or even hundreds of general-purpose CPUs, GPUs, high-end industrial processors, FPGAs, DSPs, etc., and use a large number of high-end industrial buses, algorithm developers and software developers 90% of the energy must be spent on the use of complex hardware, but the algorithm and the software itself are inadequate. This greatly restricts the intelligent evolution of high-end equipment.

In addition, high-end equipment often costs hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan for the processor alone, and often has a very diverse communication system, and needs to work in an environment with relatively complex elements such as temperature, pressure, and vibration. It is required that both hardware and software systems must have extremely high reliability and stability, and at the same time have quite good flexibility in function, and can well adapt to different communication standards and communication scenarios.

“Based on such pain points and scenario requirements, we have developed a high-performance framework-level operating system in the field of military radio high-end equipment, namely the’software communication architecture’ (SCA). Simply put, this system is based on our self-developed system. The’software-defined’ technology shields the underlying hardware details for radio application software developers, encapsulates and abstracts the complex hardware environment, and manages its reliability, safety and operating efficiency, so that application software developers can focus on the software itself and improve Application development efficiency, and application software can be smoothly transplanted on different hardware devices.” Xu Sheng, CEO of Intermediate Information, told 36Kr. “In the field of high-end equipment, the research and development of a framework-level operating system is not only a basic condition for equipment to realize intelligence, but also a necessary condition for equipment capability improvement and informatization.”

Specific to the product, the intermediary information is mainly divided into three parts, one is the openSCA core framework, the other is the IDE integrated development environment, and the third is the high-end hardware module. In addition, there are some software and hardware products for civilian high-end equipment. Among them, the IDE and the openSCA core framework are complementary products, which are mainly charged according to the different licenses and function packages. The high-end hardware modules are software and hardware products that include our operating system, and hardware sales are the main profit model.

“At present, our products have been installed in some military customers, and hardware products have also been verified and shipped in small batches.” Xu Sheng said, “In the civilian field, we also plan to start with high-end radio equipment for power systems and rail transit systems. Cut in.”

Such progress can be achieved thanks to the deep accumulation of industry resources and technical reserves of the intermediary information core team. According to Xu Sheng, the intermediary information has applied for dozens of invention patents and has dozens of software copyrights in the fields of “software definition” and “edge computing”, and R&D personnel account for more than 80%.

Both CEO Xu Sheng and CTO Chang Kun of Intermediary Information have been engaged in related research work for a long time in a research institute of the aviation industry, and have led and participated in five major national “Twelfth Five-Year” scientific research projects related to “Software Radio (SDR)” Before joining the research institute, Xu Sheng worked in algorithm development at Huawei, and Chang Kun worked in research and development related to automation control at Honeywell.

In terms of financing, Intermediary Information completed an angel round of financing in August 2017. The investors were Zizhu Xiaomiao Fund and Minhang District Entrepreneurship Guidance Fund; in January 2019, Intermediary Information completed another 10 million investment by Zhongke Chuangxing. Class A RMB pre-A round of financing.

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