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Protesting clashes in Lebanon left 70 people injured

Protesters clash with police in Beirut, Lebanon on January 18, 2020. Photo: THX / TTXVN

According to the source, protesters tried to storm the National Assembly building by throwing stones at security forces that had to use water cannons to stop. Clashes have injured 70 people, of which 30 were taken to the nearby hospital by the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC).

Libyan President Michel Aoun convened an emergency security meeting with defense, interior and security ministers on January 20 to discuss the latest developments.

Clashes have erupted since Jan. 18, amid protesters angry that the authorities do not have effective measures to save the country’s economy in the worst crisis situation of many. decade. According to the LRC, 169 people were injured in clashes between protesters and police on Jan. 18.

A massive wave of protests broke out across the country three months ago, stemming from anti-corruption protests that turned out to be outraged by the economic and financial crisis. A wave of protests led to the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, but a new government has not been established yet in Lebanon. After searching for a suitable candidate, former Information Minister Hassan Diab was appointed and assigned to create a new cabinet.

Protesters demanded a government of technocrats and opposed the new Prime Minister Diab, thinking that the appointment would restore power to the previous political parties.

The political crisis occurred in the context of Lebanon falling into serious economic and financial crisis, with public debt of more than 86 billion USD. In recent months, the country was in a shortage of dollars due to the economic recession and a decrease in cash resources due to falling remittances, reducing the central bank’s foreign currency reserves. Banks in Lebanon had to set a limit on savings deposits, causing concern for depositors.

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