Protect your computer from Viruses with USB Guardian

Protect your computer from Viruses with USB Guardian

USB Guardian is the software used to protect the computer from malicious software infecting peripherals such as USB, memory card … to the computer, this software is compact and easy to use and especially provided. free for users.

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After installing USB Guardian on the computer, each time you attach other devices to the computer, the program will automatically scan for malicious code to avoid infecting the computer. Here ElectrodealPro would like to introduce to you how to use this software as follows

USB Guardian computer protection

Instructions to protect computers with USB Guardian

Step 1: You download and install like any other software (you can download the latest version of USB Guardian here)

– It will run on the toolbar in the right corner of the screen.

– Just right click on that icon and select the program’s applications.

Step 2: You Click Main Window is displayed in the program’s edit window.

Here, when you attach peripheral devices such as USB or memory card to the computer, if those devices are infected with Viruses, the program will issue a notice and plan to handle them.

The options are:

– Unlock: Used to unlock locked files.

– Delete: Used to delete files.

– Delete All: Used to delete all files.

– Refresh: Used to restart, search for devices.

– Config: Used for configuration.

From there you have a plan to deal with files that are suspected of viruses.

Thus, your devices after scanning will be absolutely safe, from being infected to your computer.
Above we have introduced to you the USB Guardian software used to scan for malicious code from peripheral devices before attaching to your computer. You can also refer to some other computer protection software available in ElectrodealPro that also have similar effects.


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