Protect USB from Autorun Virus without using software

Protect USB from Autorun Virus without using software

AutoRun virus is the virus that USB is most susceptible to infection. Instead of having to use specialized software to kill that virus, do you know how to manually limit that virus?

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When your USB is infected with a virus, the virus will create a file called Autorun.inf to enable the drive’s autorun feature. And the next time if you turn on the USB, you will accidentally activate this virus. And what’s more dangerous is that this virus has hidden itself so that the user cannot detect it. In today’s article, Taimienphi will show you how Protect USB from AutoRun virus don’t use the software in just a few simple steps.

In principle, we will prevent the virus from creating Autorun.inf files on the USB. So we will manually create an Autorun.inf file on the USB and prevent them from overwriting. To do that, we have to convert all data in the USB to NTFS format and set the permission to prohibit overwriting the Autorun.inf file.

Protect USB from Autorun Virus without using software

Step 1: Determine the name of the USB drive

You go to USB to see what your USB name is. In my case the name of the USB drive is T

Step 2: Proceed to convert the USB format to NTFS

You click on Start, type CMD already Enter to open the Command Prompt panel

When the Command Prompt panel appears, I will type in it convert T: / FS: NTFS already Enter. (because my USB drive is called a drive T, you can write your other drive letter). When does the line appear Conversion Complete is done.

Step 3: Create file Autorun.ini then put it in USB

– You press Start, type in there notepad then press Enter to open the Notepad program

– When the Notepad window appears, you can type in anything or leave it blank. Then press the combination Ctrl + S To proceed to save the file, rename it autorun.inf and save it to a USB drive

– Continue to the USB drive, right click on the file Autorun.inf that you just created, choose Properties

– Section General, click on the box Read-only then press OK

Step 4: Forbid all access to the Autorun.inf file you just created

– You click Start, type in there cacls [tên ổ usb]: Autorun.inf / D Everyone then press Enter. In my case, I will type in it cacls T: Autorun.inf / D Everyone

– A board appears, press Y then press Enter is done.

Hopefully with our sharing, you have completely known how to prevent Autorun.inf virus with just a few simple manual steps without using the software. In addition, you can refer to and use the available USB protection software in ElectrodealPro for absolute security of data on USB.
Autorun virus now has many ways to remove.


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