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Pros and cons of Infiniti QX80 2019 | Review car


Motor like sports car

All Infiniti QX80 cars are powered by a very powerful 5.6L V8 petrol engine, giving the driver a sense of ownership of a sports car. QX80 feels smooth in all conditions, but can also accelerate “violence” if needed. Infiniti’s direct-injection system and VVEL technology help the car reach a maximum capacity of 400 hp and maximum torque of 560 Nm.
Powerful 5.6L V8 engine on Infiniti QX80.

Standard gearbox

In order for the engine to tow the Infiniti QX80’s 2,722 kg weight, this model used an intelligent 7-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to that, the gear shift is very smooth. At the same time, the car also has the ability to increase the engine revs when the gear is ready to accelerate. With these, the QX80 can load a maximum of 3,856 kg. In terms of fuel economy, the car is measured with levels of 17.4 liters / 100 km of urban roads, 12.2 liters / 100 km of road and 15.1 liters / 100 km of mixed roads.

Interior for smooth feeling

Infiniti QX80 cabin seats and interior are soft leather and decorated with elegant stitching. Besides, on the Limited version, there are high-class wooden cladding, in order to counterbalance the decoration of carbon fiber cladding on the cars of other brands. The roof is covered with Ultrasuede leather.

Pros and cons of Infiniti QX80 2019 - photo 2The car interior is luxuriously soft leather

With Smoothness, softness and good support, the driver seat is adjustable in 10 directions and the auxiliary seat is 8 directions. Infiniti QX80 can accommodate up to 8 people; If you choose the 7-seat version, the second row will have 2 seats.

Good driver assistance features

In order to increase safety and reduce driver fatigue, Infiniti QX80 is equipped with a series of advanced driver assistance features: active cruise control, blind spot monitoring, rear collision avoidance, warning. lane departure (Limited version can automatically avoid lane departure).


The steering wheel feels quite bad

Not all drivers pay attention to this issue. However, Infiniti’s large SUV sometimes feels hard to drive and timeless. The steering wheel is not natural, completely different from the rest of the operating system.

Backward technology

Pros and cons of Infiniti QX80 2019 - photo 3Infiniti QX80 2019 is only equipped with 8-inch touch entertainment screen.

While rivals like Mercedes-Benz introduce completely new entertainment systems, the Infiniti QX80 has the equipment of the previous decade. For example, the clock cluster has not been upgraded to digital, but still attached small circles showing the speed and speed. The entertainment system is also difficult to use with an 8-inch screen, and the touch is really insensitive, the physical buttons are quite troublesome.

3rd row small size

Different from the first row, the third row of seats on the QX80 will make passengers very uncomfortable. Adults sitting in there will feel cramped with narrow legroom and low ceilings. However, the second row can slide up a bit, which helps expand the space for the rear.

Pros and cons of Infiniti QX80 2019 - photo 4The third row of seats is quite small.

Limited storage space

With the full number of passengers, the luggage compartment will be small (470 liters). But the car also has the ability to fold the third and second row seats to give more space to make the storage space more spacious.

Infiniti Q60 Concept Revealed

Ahead of the Detroit Motor Show, Infiniti shared the official images of the Q60 Concept model. This is considered a potential new opponent of BMW 4-Series if the production plan is “green light”.

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