Proposal of pairing a city girl with a Chinese country boy is fiercely criticized |  World

Proposal of pairing a city girl with a Chinese country boy is fiercely criticized | World

Mr. Wu Xiuming, Deputy Secretary General of the Shanxi Social Development Association, a non-governmental organization specializing in research on social development, has called on the country’s officials to urgently address the increase in the number of adults. Unmarried by encouraging urban “idle” girls to go to the countryside, where a few million men are still struggling to find wives.

Mr. Wu urged the girls “should not be afraid of living in the countryside.”

In China, the word sheng nu, meaning “elf”, is a term used to refer to unmarried women over the age of 27, even though educated and living in urban areas.

Mr. Wu’s proposal was quickly criticized. On social media, many people say that this opinion does not match the real situation.

“What mind can think of that idea? Does he see a big difference between the two groups? Basically they live in two parallel worlds, so it has been very difficult for them to talk to each other, ”wrote one on the Weibo social network.

“Even rural women don’t want to marry rural men, let alone city women. Do you think city women are idiots? ” another wrote.

“This is an animal pairing thought. In the expert’s eyes, these two groups of people are just animals, ”commented one person.

Sharon Sun, a 38-year-old single woman who works in the real estate industry in Shanghai, says she doesn’t see a rural man as a potential partner.

“Dating a country man is impossible for me. It won’t happen even if there are no more men in the world, ”Sun said.

China’s sex ratio is among the most unbalanced in the world, with 114 men per 100 women, making it 30 million more men than women. The average global sex ratio is 105 boys per 100 girls, according to World Health Organization data.

The sex imbalance in China is a consequence of the one-child policy, while Chinese society prefers only boys. The new one-child policy was canceled a few years ago.

NASA announced the ‘goosebumps’ video of the ship landing on Mars

On February 23, the US Aerospace Agency (NASA) released a high-quality video about the spacecraft landing on Mars. The 3-minute trailer shows a large orange-white parachute opening up and red dust flying up as the probe lands on the surface.

America arrested his wife Mexican terrorist El Chapo

On March 22, the wife of drug boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, leader of the notorious Sinaloa gang in Mexico, was arrested in the United States for allegedly participating in international drug trafficking, the US Department of Justice said. .

The US Supreme Court required to disclose Mr. Trump’s tax information

Former US President Donald Trump’s attempts to keep financial information confidential have failed because the US Supreme Court approved the New York City prosecutor to collect information about his tax refund and other documents. for criminal investigation.

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