Project Triangle Strategy – Promising first tactical approach

Even if the Nintendo Direct that took place a few days ago will not have convinced us, there is at least one game that seemed to bring a wind of hope in the middle of this sea of ​​disappointment: Project Triangle Strategy. You certainly won’t have missed it when you saw the typography of the title or the overall aesthetic, but it is indeed the studio behind Octopath Traveler in the driver’s seat.

And if we could expect a sequel, or at least a new title in the same vein, this will ultimately not be the case, since we are leaving here the classic turn-based, to land in the middle of a tactical, like for example the excellent Tactics Ogre and Vandal Hearts.

If Octopath Traveler had many qualities, he especially had one major flaw, namely the lack of connection between the different stories he was trying to put together. Even if the studio changes genre a bit for the occasion, has the team learned from their previous experience to better master their script in this new project? Start of response right away!

Project Triangle Strategy seems to prepare us for a solid gameplay

With this change of direction from classic turn-based RPG to tactical, we were very intrigued to be able to touch Project Triangle Strategy. What was obvious is that we weren’t going to be disappointed with the graphics quality of the game, which, with its famous HD-2D, manages to keep a very old school aesthetic, but with particle effects or very modern light effects. In addition, the use of depth of field always has its small effect at the level of the decorations, and allows to give a certain dynamism when several things happen on different plans.

On the scenario side, the game immediately warned us, making us understand that we were not necessarily going to understand everything, and of course, it was the case. What should be noted here is that the quality of the writing is quite complex to assess as we lack the keys to fully understand this universe, and above all to accurately grasp the decisions of the characters. However, Where Project Triangle Strategy scores is in the way it ties its storyline to its gameplay phases, making the storytelling really interesting.

During confrontations, it should therefore not be rare to have to make decisions directly impacting the scenario, on the basis for example of a response that we will give to a crucial dialogue. It is quite complex to know exactly how far the game will go at the moment, but the path it is taking seems to be the right one. In addition, unlike Octopath Traveler which was spread out a bit too much by multiplying the stories and characters, this new project really seems to focus much more on an overall story.

Finally, the gameplay is probably what we have had the best time to judge and our first impressions are excellent. We are therefore on a very intuitive tactical RPG to learn despite the multitude of information to memorize. We had a nice variety of characters to lead here, with assassin, mage, tank, etc., which made us realize that no role was there to make up. Each present job had at least one particular capacity that was decisive in the success of the fight.

Also, there are combos to achieve depending on the positioning of the characters, a very interesting consideration of verticality but also weather conditions which will force you not to perform certain actions at random, especially since the game is difficult . For the demo, the difficulty was put on intermediate, and already there, we were able to realize that the challenge was present. This fits well with the notion of tactical, which requires constant reflection, like a game of chess.

We are not going to spread out more than that for the moment, the demo being free, we invite you to go download it to form your own opinion, but for the moment, this Project Triangle Strategy is very intriguing to us, and has just easily been placed in our top expectations for the year 2022.


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