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Professionals in entertainment and office! Mechanic[War Air]F117-X Reviews

Professionals in entertainment and office! Mechanic[War Air]F117-X Reviews

In the recent 2020 ChinaJoy, MACHENIKE Mechanic brought to the majority of game players the new model of the[War Air]F117 series of gaming notebooks-Mechanic[War Air]F117-X.

This gamebook is positioned as the flagship, adhering to the uncompromising design concept, and has excellent performance in terms of hardware configuration, lighting effect, lightness and portability, and can meet the diverse needs of consumers for entertainment and office use. More value.

In this evaluation, the mechanic[Zhankong]F117-X I got is equipped with a Core i7-10875H octa-core processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card, 144Hz professional gaming screen, 512GB M.2 solid state drive, 1TB Mechanical hard disk, Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 wireless network card, etc. From the configuration list alone, this game already has a strong strength.

New appearance design: cool RGB lighting effects highlight high-end qualities

Mechanic[War Air]F117-X adopts a versatile silver appearance, and its shape design is inspired by the F117 fighter plane, which is full of technological sense. At the same time, the overall thickness of this gaming notebook is only 19.75mm~22mm, which is quite portable.

Its A surface (top cover) and C surface are made of metal materials, and have undergone a metal anode sandblasting treatment, which has an excellent texture and a higher grade.

The top cover is designed with the mechanic’s “Mechanical Heart” LOGO and two decorative diagonal straight lines, adding a bit of publicity and personality to this game book. “Mechanical Core” LOGO has a built-in RGB lighting effect module, which will present a charming visual effect when it is turned on.

In order to bring excellent game visual effects to players, Mechanic[Zhankong]F117-X is specially equipped with a 15.6-inch professional gaming display with a 144Hz refresh rate, which can provide players with silky and smooth game screens.

In e-sports games, the higher the screen refresh rate, the higher the detail performance in dynamic scenes. Especially in FPS shooting games, the gun can be kept stable in the bullet burst mode, and the ballistic trajectory will not drift. Provide a smooth and fast decisive blow. In addition to ensuring that the trajectory does not drift, the 144Hz e-sports screen can accurately and quickly output dynamic picture quality in the game, improve the controllability of the pressure operation, and optimize the player’s picture delay in shooting and racing games to avoid shaking The dilemma of blur and tearing of the picture.

The camera and microphone pickup holes are designed in the center of the frame on the screen.

This game book uses an RGB colorful backlit keyboard and a separate numeric keyboard. RGB backlight supports 4 zones to change color, and has a variety of lighting effect modes to choose from. The backlight brightness can be adjusted through the Fn function key, and the light effect mode can be adjusted through the CONTROL CENTER intelligent gaming control software.

The “1”, “2”, and “3” of the keyboard are respectively integrated with the more distinctive Fn function keys of this game book.

The “1” integrated Fn function key is “one-button forced cooling switch”. When this function is turned on, the cooling fan of this gaming notebook will run at the maximum speed to meet the cooling requirements of high-intensity load applications.

The “2” integrated Fn function key is “RGB atmosphere light switch”, users who don’t like light pollution can turn off the RGB light effect through it.

“3” The integrated Fn function key is “computer operating mode switch”. After pressing the function key, the system will switch between the three preset modes: Office Mode, Gaming Mode, and Turbo Mode.

The acceleration mode is the highest performance mode of this game book, which can bring players the strongest performance that this game book can provide!

The power button adopts the mechanical heart LOGO design of the mechanic and is located in the center of the keyboard. When the computer is running, the button will light up a blue light effect.

A symmetrical RGB atmosphere light is designed on the front of the fuselage to further enhance the cool gaming atmosphere.

Two USB3.0 interfaces and one USB Type-C interface are designed on the left side of the fuselage.

It has a USB 2.0 interface and a headset/microphone combo interface on the right side of the fuselage.

It has a power interface, an HDMI interface, and a network cable interface on the rear of the fuselage.

The heat dissipation vent directly in front of the keyboard

Cooling air outlet on the side of the fuselage

The heat dissipation vent on the rear of the fuselage

In terms of heat dissipation, this gamebook has six air outlets, two directly in front of the keyboard, one on the left and right sides of the fuselage, and two on the rear of the fuselage. In order to increase the appearance of this game, the two exhaust vents on the rear of the fuselage have adopted a “soul motion design” shape, which makes this game look more visually impactful.

CONTROL CENTER intelligent gaming control software

CONTROL CENTER is the standard system main control software of the mechanic[War Air]F117-X. Players can use it for real-time system monitoring, computer operating mode switching, RGB lighting effect adjustment and other operations.

Under the system information interface, you can monitor the usage and frequency of the processor, memory, graphics card, fan speed, temperature and other information in real time.

In the mode switch interface, the user can switch the computer operating mode. The system provides three preset modes: Office Mode, Gaming Mode, and Turbo Mode.

Under the lighting control interface, users can make detailed settings for the RGB backlit keyboard and RGB atmosphere lights to create their favorite cool lighting effects.

MACHENIKE Intelligent Control Platform

The mechanic also provided the MACHENIKE intelligent control platform for this game, which players can choose to install.

Under the hardware monitoring interface, players can understand the hardware configuration of the game, as well as the operating temperature of the CPU, graphics card, and main hard drive.

Under the game acceleration interface, players can add games to achieve game acceleration.

Under the official driver interface, players can update the driver online.

High-end hard-core configuration: eight-core i7 with RTX2070 graphics card

Mechanic[Zhankong]F117-X is equipped with Core i7-10875H, this processor is the high-end model of the tenth generation Intel Core H series mobile processor, and also Intel’s first Core i7 with 8-core 16-thread design The mobile version of the processor, the base frequency is 2.3GHz, the turbo frequency is up to 5.1GHz, and the strength opens the era of 5GHz+ performance of the game console.

(Note: CPU tests are all carried out in Cyclonus mode)

In hurricane mode, through the three software tests of CPU-Z, chess, and Geekbench, it can be seen that Core i7-10875H does have very powerful performance.

This game is equipped with a 512GB NVMe M.2 solid-state drive as the system disk, and a 1TB mechanical hard drive as the storage disk.

Due to the PCEe 3.0 x4 transmission mode, this solid-state drive has good performance. According to the results of the CrystalDiskMark test software, this SSD has a sequential read speed of more than 2.0GB/s and a sequential write speed of more than 1.5GB/s.

GeForce RTX 2070 is currently NVIDIA’s high-end mobile graphics card. It has 2304 CUDA cores, 64 raster units and 144 texture units, with 8GB capacity and 256Bit wide GDDR6 video memory. In addition, as a member of the RTX series, it also has good support for ray tracing technology.

Next, the author will pass the 3DMark benchmark test and 6 game masterpieces to reveal the real game performance of this game.

(Note: The game performance test is also carried out in Cyclonus mode)

3DMark benchmark test

3DMark is currently the most widely used game graphics testing software, with unparalleled authority. 3Dmark99, 3Dmark2001, 3Dmark2003, 3Dmark2005, 3Dmark2006, 3Dmark vantage, 3Dmark 11 and The new 3DMark have been released.

Game measurement-“Tomb Raider: Shadow”

The “Tomb Raider” game has created a world-renowned game character like Laura with a large fan base. “Tomb Raider: Shadow” is the 11th generation of “Tomb Raider” and the final chapter of the “Tomb Raider” trilogy.

Resolution: 1920*1080 / Picture quality: highest

Game measurement-“Far Cry: New Dawn”

“Far Cry: New Dawn” is a new series released by Ubisoft after “Far Cry 5”, telling the story of the “nuclear explosion”. In the latest installment of the award-winning Far Cry series, you will be the last line of defense to guard Hope Town after the disaster. Help the survivor community become stronger, build your temporary arsenal through territorial battles and wilderness expeditions, form your unexpected alliances, and fight for survival in the dangerous frontier.

Resolution: 1920*1080 / Picture quality: extremely high

Game measurement-“Zombie World War”

“Zombie World War” is an adventure game produced and released by Warner. The game is adapted from the movie of the same name. The cooperative battles of the game focus on unique survival stories and missions around the world, including New York, Moscow and Jerusalem. Use traps, obstacles and environmental strategies to survive. You can also use various weapons against zombies. .

Resolution: 1920*1080 / Picture quality: super high

Game measurement-“Total War: Three Kingdoms”

“Total War: Three Kingdoms” is a large-scale real-time strategy game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. It is also the latest work in the “Total War” series. The work uses the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history as the background of the story, with an all-Chinese dubbing, and presents the history of the Three Kingdoms period to game players with the big scenes and battlefield atmosphere of the Total War series.

Resolution: 1920*1080 / Picture quality: extremely high

Game measurement-“Dawn of War 2: Retribution”

“Dawn of War 2: Retribution” is Relic Entertainment’s RTS blockbuster and the second independent expansion of “Dawn of War 2.” The story takes place a few years after “Dawn of War 2: Rise of Chaos”, in which players can experience the single-player campaign mode from the perspective of different races, which is the first time in the “Dawn of War 2” series. The first race to be revealed was the “Rage Orcs”. But no matter which race you choose, players will experience an epic journey.

Resolution: 1920*1080 / Picture quality: extremely high

Game measurement-“Control” and DLSS 2.0 technology

“Control” won IGN’s best game of 2019. It is a supernatural third-person action adventure game developed by Remedy Entertainment and is currently exclusively released on the Epic game platform. Players will use supernatural abilities, custom equipment and interactive environments to fight in an unfathomable world.

In late March, the light chase game masterpiece “Control” pushed a wave of major updates for players, and was the first to implement support for NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 technology. NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 technology can more fully unleash the performance of GeForce RTX series graphics cards. While bringing clearer and clearer image quality to light pursuit games, it can also greatly improve the smoothness of light pursuit games. It can be said that DLSS 2.0 is a huge leap in AI rendering technology.

In 1920*1080 resolution, after turning on DLSS 2.0, this game can already play “Control”, a masterpiece of light pursuit, which performs well. In addition, compared to turning off DLSS 2.0, after turning on DLSS 2.0, the number of game frames has been increased by about 1.78 times, which is a considerable increase.

According to a series of game tests, Mechanic[Zhankong]F117-X has been able to play most popular games. It is worth your choice for those who love games.

The author used AIDA64’s built-in stress test to continue the dual-bake machine test on the CPU and GPU of this gaming notebook.

(Note: The room temperature when the author was testing was 28℃)

Standby state (Hurricane mode)

Baking machine status (Hurricane mode)

After turning on the dual baking machine, the CPU temperature of this gaming notebook will instantly soar to 98°C, directly triggering the notebook temperature protection mechanism, and then the CPU temperature will drop to more than 80°C. After 5 minutes of baking machine, the CPU temperature stabilized at 84 degrees Celsius and the GPU stabilized at 80 degrees Celsius. The cooling system is still very reliable, and users can use it with confidence.

Starscream color calibration instrument test: 99% sRGB color gamut coverage is satisfactory

Using Starscream’s color correction device, the author also conducted a professional performance test on the display screen of this gaming notebook.

Item 1: Color gamut test

(Introduction to test items) Color gamut refers to the range of colors that a certain device can express, that is, the range of colors that can be expressed by various screen display devices, printers or printing devices. The larger the color gamut value, the more colors the device can display.

This game book has 99% sRGB and 78% AdobeRGB color gamut coverage. For gaming laptops, such screen color gamut performance is very good.

Item 2: Color accuracy test

(Introduction to test items) The colors displayed on the screen often deviate from the colors seen by human eyes in real life. The smaller the color difference, the better the display of course.

standard test:

When △E≤1, the human eye can hardly distinguish the difference between the two colors;

When 1<△E<3, the human eye needs to be able to distinguish subtle color differences after comparison;

When △E≥3, the human eye can distinguish the color difference and consider it as two similar colors.

When △E≥5, most human eyes can see the color difference and consider it as a completely different color.

The average △E is 0.96, and there is only one color with △E≥3. Obviously, the color accuracy of this screen is also quite good, which can fully meet many professional office applications.

Product summary

As a high-performance thin and light gaming laptop equipped with a Core i7-10875H octa-core processor, the overall performance of the mechanic[Zhankong]F117-X is undoubtedly very good. It can be called an ingenious work for entertainment and office. All skilled. At the same time, the mechanic also designed a brand new appearance for it. The cool RGB lighting effect and the silver body make it full of technology. Coupled with the constant high cost-effective price of mechanics, I believe this new product will definitely gain the favor of a large number of high-end users this summer.

According to the author’s understanding, Mechanic[Zhankong]F117-X is now available for sale in China. Friends who are pleased can go to the major online sales channels of Mechanics (JD flagship store/Tmall flagship store/Suning flagship store/ Official self-operated mall) for purchase.

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