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Professional paint can be done at home! |DIY small classroom

The high hygroscopicity of the brake fluid is the main reason for the paint removal of the aluminum parts. However, as long as the paint is sprayed after simple decontamination and drying, the paint surface can be restored to the new brightness and it is not strong and durable!

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Original reference:[DIY small classroom]Professional-grade paint can be done at home!

1. One-component paint, so spraying is very easy!

There are many old car fans who like retro cars, but not only beautiful, but more “taste”! If you like DIY car, you can choose your favorite color paint, not only have more beautiful colors and protective repairs to the brakes, but also leave deep memories for you during the whole process!

Consider that the brake master cylinder, brake calipers, etc. will all come into contact with the brake oil, so when the brake parts are repainted, they can be made more solvent-resistant and chemical-resistant, and restore the beauty they deserve! As shown in the figure above.

▲This is the original appearance before production.

2. Spraying and key points

Only paint that does not require a hardener, in other words, a “single-component paint”, is what makes the paint film unique. The remaining paint in the spray gun can be reused as long as it is well stored, and at the same time, a unique color can be freely mixed before painting. In this case, we painted dark brown.

▲It would be better if there was a spray booth, but such professional equipment is not common in spray booths, so we made a spray booth with cardboard, as long as it does not affect others.
In terms of spraying tools, paint spray guns and compressors need to be used. Before the paint spraying, a sandblasting machine is used to spray the brake master cylinder, so that the paint can have better adhesion.

Third, the main points of paint

Baking paint can be solved by the kitchen oven!

Carbeck, located in Aichi, Japan, is Guncoat’s exclusive importer, providing users with professional paint baking machines-CV series paint baking machines (maximum accommodating length is 2400mm, can accommodate general car bumpers), but for small parts, you can pass the home Use the kitchen oven instead.

If you have a small compressor (the AC100V optional small compressor for ordinary household power supply is also very rich), then if there is a spray gun for spraying, you can spray. In the color and paint of DIY external parts, it is necessary to adjust the appropriate oil output and air pressure in the spray gun, pay attention to the appropriate spray distance when spraying, and adjust the appropriate oil output. The air pressure is undoubtedly very important for the paint surface.

After spraying, let it dry naturally at room temperature until the paint surface is stable, then put it in the oven to set 180 degrees and bake for 60 minutes (note: it is to gradually increase the temperature by 180 degrees, instead of adjusting it to 180 degrees and directly put the parts for baking), The baking time is set at 60 minutes to better protect the paint surface.

The ovens on the market generally do not have temperature adjustment but wattage adjustment, and the timing range is up to 15 minutes. Although it is not convenient to use, there is always a way as long as you master the know-how.

Four, strong and durable paint surface!

▲Check the paint surface strength and durability test!

You can apply a paint remover to completely dry parts and leave it for about half a day (about 6 hours). If the paint coating is not damaged, it is done!


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