Product Award Grand Prize! I tried to play “Yokai Watch 2”

The price selected based on user evaluation. “Yokai Watch 2 Shin hit” won the grand prize in the game section of the .com Product Award 2015. Since the game was released in December 2014, many people may have already played it. However, some people may have become interested in this award. So, while answering the questions “What is Yo-Kai Watch 2” and “What is the difference between hitting and hitting?”, Let's explore the reasons for popularity that we found out by playing.

What is “Yokai Watch 2”?

There are three versions of “Yokai Watch 2”: “Ganso”, “Honke”, and “Makoto”. First of all, “Ganso” and “Honke” were released in July 2014, and then appeared in December, “Makoto” introduced this time. You might wonder, “Which should I choose?”, But the basics of the game, such as story and system, are the same for all three versions. A story is drawn about a hero who has erased the “Yo-Kai Watch” while sleeping, and goes back to the past to find the secret of the birth of the “Yo-Kai Watch”. The main characters are also common, and familiar characters such as “Jibanyan” and “Whisper” are shown, and new characters such as the floating spirit “Fuyyang” and the huge “Decanyan” also appear one after another. Among them, Decayan is crazy for being a big guy! If you like cats, you'll love it.

By the way, there is no problem even if you are not playing the first "Yokai Watch"! ”The story begins when you regain“ Yokai Watch ”and reunite with“ Whisper ”and“ Jibanyan ”, so even those who do not know the previous work can easily enter the story. In “2”, the search area has expanded at once, so there is plenty of play. Check the link article below for details on differences from the first generation!

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A group of familiar members. The main characters are “Cater” and “Fumi-chan” that can be selected, whisper of the self-proclaimed youkai butler who does not rely on a little, and No.1 (!?) Youkai and Jibanyan each time you want to be friends

The major differences between the “original” and “honke” are the types of youkai and some quests to be friends with. And “Matsu” includes an episode linked with “The Secret of the Movie Yokai Watch: Nyan!” Released in 2014. A time slip 60 years ago and the development of searching for the secret of the birth of Youkai Watch is the same for all three versions, but in “ Magic '', the new ghost “ Dark Nyan '' identity, the past of the strong enemy “ Ubaune '' etc. are added . If you watched a movie, you should have even more fun!

The first theatrical version of the series, “The Secret of the birth of the movie Yo-Kai Watch! I think it's for children, but it's worth watching the story with laughter and tears that adults are attracted to!

Dark Nyan, a cloak that flutters with a shining belt. The true identity was a surprising Ano Yokai ...!?

Dark Nyan, a cloak that flutters with a shining belt. The true identity was a surprising Ano Yokai …!?

Check out DVDs and Blu-rays of “Movie Yo-Kai Watch!

You can enjoy these additional episodes by advancing the quest. There are three types of quests, one related to story progression, the request of the people in the town, and help. There are various contents such as "I want a signature of a popular idol Meow KB" and "I want to make a plain girl fashionable". Some of them come to the heart of adults like “Let's listen to the old story of an uncle who was despaired in life” … Let's solve it with the help of youkai.

Some quests require wisdom and are responsive

In “Maito”, in addition to the movie-linked episodes introduced above as limited quests, about 20 quests were added. In the quest where the self-proclaimed genius film director Yokai “Mr. Movien” searches for human actors, it is nice to see the movie setting materials as a reward for clearing. Among such quests, “Yokai Gunshi Wisbee” reveals Whisper's past. The episode that began with the simple question “Whisper who always cheats on youkai pads when asked about something, but is she really familiar with youkai?” Is an epic development that will shake history! A turbulent drama between Whisper and Ishida Mitsunari (!), Who was back in time during the Sengoku period, is waiting. No, the day when Whisper cry is coming …

Unexpected secrets of Whisper are revealed in the quest "Yokai Gunshi Wisbe", a limited quest! Chomage + Wisbee in kimono is super cute

concern! "Friend Youkai" with only "true hit"

Let's touch lightly on the battle with youkai. The system is the same as before, searching for youkai with the “Yokai Watch” and fighting. Most monsters can become friends after the battle, and then join the battle members. Yo-kais have their own special techniques, and each style is different. For example, Jibanyan ’s “Hyakuretsu Meatball” reminiscent of a cat punch, and “Bree ’s Captain” as seen somewhere, “Victoriaan!” It ’s funny and cute! Moreover, the monsters you can make friends with each version are different, so your strategy will change. What kind of activity will the “Friend Youkai” of “Machin”, the new characters “Hikariorochi” and “Yamikyuubi” and the monsters born from negative emotions play?

“Hikariorochi” kills all evil with that light. “Flash Dragon Rush”, which causes severe damage to all enemies, is too dangerous and dangerous!

“ Yamikyuubi '', fascinated by the power of darkness and dyed in the darkness, is worried about the full opening of the middle two illnesses, but has multiple techniques to gently scrape the enemy's HP

In "2", a monster that can only be recognized by the Yokai Watch Type-0 appears. You can also make friends with five demon executives and monsters who have turned into monsters with an additional quest for “ Makoto ''

I am also excited about the new map that appeared in "Makoto"!

There are also two maps that are limited to “true hits”. One is “Gera Gera Naraku Resort”, which takes you to “Yama Express”. This is a mysterious tourist spot where youkai can soothe your heart, including “Gerageland”, where youkai screaming attractions are available, and popular monsters that care about your skin (!?) “Gokuraku Onsen”, the strange play of youkai There are a lot of strange facilities such as “Kai Mao-za” that you can see and “Kimoda Rice” that is a gourmet youkai. There are some quests that only occur at “Gera Gera Abyss Resort”, so be sure to visit.

Another limited map is Sawayama Castle. It is also in this castle that the quest “Yokai Gunshi Wisbee” occurs. By the way, it is a castle that actually existed in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, and that Mitsunari Ishida was actually here. I will study …

Get on the “Yama Express” that starts running at night, and head to the resort! *

Get on the “Yama Express” that starts running at night, and head to the resort! *

There are various facilities such as theme parks and restaurants at “Gera Gera Naraku Resort”. Although it is a place for entertainment, there is a battle with youkai here as well.

Youkai Watch Busters ’boss appearance

As the story progresses, “Yokai Watch Busters” will appear, which uses the communication function to play cooperatively with 2 to 4 friends. The rules are simple. You can choose from 4 types of monsters to be operated: “Attacker”, “Tank”, “Healer”, and “Ranger”, team up with your friends, fight the demons, and pick up the demon balls and aim for the exit. But this is hot! ”The mode included in“ 2 ”is popular, but it was released as“ Yokai Watch Busters Red Cats / White Dogs ”independently.

In addition, in “Shin Yokai Watch Busters” added in “2”, you can challenge not only demons but also various bosses (the original / head family can also play with updates). Depending on which version your friend is using, the boss that appears will also change. The more bosses you can fight, the more bosses you can fight. For example, when a “true hit” user joins, the monster's former “Ubaune” and the public bath “Nobose Tonman” appear. All the enemies are formidable, but the feeling when everyone defeats them together is refreshing.

You choose the youkai to be operated from the four types, but the tactics will also change depending on what your friends choose. By the way, basically you will play using the communication function, but you can also enjoy it alone

The bosses that appear when "true hit" users are participating. Destroy with your friends!

The bosses that appear when "true hit" users are participating. Destroy with your friends!

More fun when linked!

The fun that occurs with each version is not just “Yokai Watch Busters”. For example, a special dungeon appears when any two or more versions are linked. There are specters that can only be obtained in the dungeon, and the dungeon and specter that appear depend on the linked version. You can link with friends who have different versions, or you can link multiple versions by yourself if there are no “Yokai Watch” friends around you. Let's work together in a way that suits you. Also, if you play the first “Yokai Watch”, you will be able to make friends with super rare youkai as a bonus.

When the “original” and “true hit” are linked, two dungeons of “Ayakashi Street” and “True Original” appear. In “Honke” and “Makoto”, “Ayakashi Street” and “True Honke Road” appear. And if you link all three versions, you will be able to go to the special dungeon “Golden Pika City High”!

"Lubignan", "Topagnan", "Safaniyan", "Dayanyan", and "Emeralnyan" that appear to have become Jibunyan also appeared in the dungeon that appears in conjunction (* Depending on the linked version, "○ appears ○ Nyan is different)

If you have the first "Yokai Watch", you can make friends with the super rare youkai "Buchignan", "Koma-san with pouch", and "Chinese Tight Chinoco" that do not normally appear


There may be people who shy away from “Yokai Watch”, which is extremely popular among children, as “Why is it suitable for children?” But once you play, you'll be blown away! “Adults can enjoy themselves, such as battles that develop tactics on where to place monsters, nurturing monsters, and quests that use unexpectedly monsters. Moreover, there is no need for troublesome level raising, so it's nice to play crisply and at a good tempo. When I noticed it was surprising that several hours had passed.

For those who have already played the “original” and “honke”, there are many overlapping parts, so it may be somewhat unsatisfactory, but if you start from now on, the “true hit” with plenty of additional elements is the best. By the way, when people who have Nintendo 3DS bodies with “Yokai Watch” pass each other, “Suspicious Youkai” appears in their game, but even now it has passed more than a year since its release, it can be replaced with a pretty number of people ( Maybe because it's in Tokyo …?). It ’s never too late to start now. We are also planning to release “Yokai Watch 3” this summer, so if you have n’t played yet, let ’s play “Matsu”!

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