Private marketing is really not “I’m all in this wave.”

Recently, I talked to industry insiders about the game’s release strategy. One of the key words that Mr. Grape heard more was “private market.”

This is a trend that is hard to ignore. Since last year, the first-tier manufacturers have tended to invest more budget in the promotion of key products to conduct a wave of “market-only” marketing bombardment.

Recent typical cases include “Angel of Glory” by Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, “Relics of God of War” by Perfect World, and “Kangong Riding Crown Sword” released by Station B. According to data from App Growing, these new products in 2021 have a single-day maximum advertising volume of more than 10,000. “Angel of Glory” is even more expensive in terms of purchases. When it was launched on January 12, it was launched. The amount of material exceeds 15,000.

It can be seen from the placement chart thatAll of the above products choose to scan the volume on key nodes. After carrying out large-scale and all-round promotion, they have also successfully entered the top ten iOS best-selling lists.

While seeing these explosions sweeping the market, I don’t know how many game companies will be itching to copy the same routines and have a wave of concentrated outbreaks for their new products.

However, Mr. Grape would like to remind everyone to stay calm. The head of marketing at a major game company told us, “Renting a market does not mean extensive and stud investment, and it bursts the market in one go。」

Behind the charter, there are many doorways.

01. Private field marketing that cannot be copied at will

Discussing the exclusive marketing, I am afraid that Lilith’s understanding of this distribution strategy cannot be avoided.

This method is not the first of its kind, but the first case that shocked the industry was indeed from their home. Mr. Grape also wrote an article and analyzed the history of the exclusive marketing of “Sword and Expedition” and “The Awakening of Nations”. During the release of these works, Lilith set aside a market budget of at least 100-200 million yuan for the launch of new products.

The reason for being so arrogant is that:Concentrating all the potential energy of buying, platform recommendation, PR and brand marketing can make the product burst in the first time in the public beta.This kind of effect is what the exclusive marketing requires.

So the question is: if the budget is adequate, can this method be replicated?

As Lilith’s head of distribution, Zhang Zilong believes that the premise of copying is: “The product is good enough to hedge the risks brought by this gameplay, Of course, in the end, you also need the boss to make a decision and dare to shoot such a large budget. “

The game company behind the charter is burdened with huge cost recovery risks. After covering most of the users with a large investment, it is necessary to deal with the possible problems of increased user costs and lower recovery than expected.

“Swords and Expeditions” and “The Awakening of Nations” had fully proven themselves in overseas markets before they were booked. This is the confidence they dare to do.

The aforementioned head of marketing at a game company stated that there are actually many private markets that lose money, and private markets that have not reached popularity, as well as private markets that are offensive to users. However, these negative cases are rarely shown on the table.

Private deals are usually accompanied by the exposure of large-scale buying ads. For example, in the promotion budget of the first release period of “Sword and Crusade”, purchases accounted for 60% to 80%.The dark side behind the scene of the charter model is that once companies fail to control it, they will create pressure on profits.

According to data released by the Zhongtai Securities Research Institute, the activation cost of game purchases has nearly doubled in the past year. According to the Android and iOS market data disclosed by a certain advertising platform for reference, the activation cost has increased significantly in the past year. The average single-user activation cost on the Android side in April 2020 was close to 40 yuan, and in April 2021 it has reached 60 yuan or more. , It exceeded 90 yuan in May, and the iOS user activation cost was about 70 yuan in April 2020, and reached 140 yuan in April 2021. With increasing difficulty in acquiring players, coupled with traffic competition in industries such as e-commerce, the cost of single-user activation of the game continues to rise, and the gameplay of monetizing purchases and customers is facing the pressure of continuous compression of net interest rates.

There are fewer and fewer products for commercial washing flows. The joint purchaser of “The Strongest Snail”: Zhuodong Technology CEO Max also told Putao Jun that last year, the Xianxia category, which once supported half of the buying market, had almost no explosions; individual games can run tens of millions of dollars. Flowing water, but found that the recycling was not as expected, and finally stopped the promotion.

Large factories that integrate research and transportation are more decisive in buying volume. Large factories can do better in terms of material quality and delivery strategy, and the same cost can produce better results.

According to Lilith Zhang Zilong,Another prerequisite for exclusive marketing is to select the right target users, do a good job of early accumulation, and maximize traffic acquisition.That is to allow the maximum efficiency of the charter to acquire target users and ensure that the risk is controllable.

Under this kind of thinking, manufacturers need to determine the classification and proportion of target user groups through pre-investigation and suction test. Take “Sword and Expedition” as an example. The pre-action of this game to implement the exclusive strategy is that Lilith divides users into three categories: aesthetically leading, veteran, and popular, and customizes the delivery according to the channels where these different users are located. content.

As an advertising platform that is closely related to buying volume, their perspective can better reflect the changes in the vendor’s release thinking in the first place.

In the mid-to-severe game open class held by the pangolin at the end of May, the person in charge of pangolin-related launch pointed out that the new game needs data accumulation during the launch process before it can be converted to paid ROI. At present, for the initial stage of new games, the idea of ​​most game companies is not to directly obtain high returns, but to obtain as much traffic as possible during the initial stage of new games.

The core idea of ​​pangolin in the initial stage of the new tour is to seize more traffic, strengthen infrastructure, and multiple styles to maximize operational support.

In the actual launch of new games, pangolins will strengthen cooperation with game publishers: in the preparation period, clear activation, payment, ROI and other core indicators that affect budget allocation; complete the big promotion strategy and go online 2-3 days before the big promotion Infrastructure deployment plan; and on the day of launch, it focuses on real-time monitoring of data, and optimization of costs and various data indicators.

The person in charge of advertising operations in the mid-to-heavy pangolin game industry provided a case: a certain magical game, in its initial release stage, accounted for more than 15% of the pangolin platform. As a result, the consumption of this game broke through on the day of its release. Nearly ten million. The pangolin also helped it achieve -40% activation cost, -20% payment cost, and 15% of the new results.

02. Why is it necessary to book a venue?

In the past, when the charter model was not popular, the top vendors’ demand for traffic flowed through the entire life cycle of the product. And the customer acquisition strategy they adopted is more gentle, gradual, and long-lasting.

This begs the question, why do leading manufacturers now tend to sweep the volume wildly in a single market node?

In the eyes of Mr. Grape, the reason is related to the changes in the industry environment. In the context of the regulation of the total amount of online games, the number of products has been greatly compressed, and resources have been transferred to individual products. The game industry is also accelerating the trend toward high-quality goods, so the research and development scale of individual products is getting larger and larger. The larger the team’s key product, the more obvious the effect of this concentration of resources.

When the eggs are put in a basket, game manufacturers are bound to invest heavily in marketing to ensure the success rate of key products.

With a large investment budget, manufacturers have the opportunity to tap potential target users as much as possible in the stock market through large-scale, full-platform, and centralized marketing. In other words, the current focus of the distribution of head products is not only to cover the current category circle, but to pursue “breaking the circle.”

The embodiment of the ring-breaking effect is manifested in the influx of a large number of general users into your game. And to invite players from the non-intrinsic circle in, renting may be one of the best ways, because a full range of purchases can create fashion trends and attract the attention of general users.

If the huge marketing resources cannot be converted into real users and income, then manufacturers can only make money at a loss. Therefore, in this seemingly need to cast the net, the manufacturers have to be more targeted.

If you follow this logic, the exclusive sale should be more vertical and accurate. However, we will find that there are two commonalities in the products that implement the package strategy: first, they are all medium-to-heavy categories; second, these games will also rely on advertising to a certain extent in the process of screening and acquiring target users. The platform’s flow and ROI recovery capabilities.

Behind this phenomenon, medium to heavy game manufacturers have noticed the help of advertising platforms for their placement. As far as the contracting strategy is concerned, the advertising platform constitutes the two prerequisites for its implementation, namely “breaking the circle through the traffic of the advertising platform” and “guaranteeing cost recovery through the precise placement of the advertising platform.”

The overall DAU of traffic covered by pangolins currently exceeds 800 million. According to its traffic market, we will find that the competitiveness of game products for traffic is concentrated on social, music, video, reading and other apps. These are all pan-entertainment media, reflecting the coverage of advertising platforms to multiple users.

Red is game, light red is not game

The penetration of games into pan-entertainment media is a trend that cannot be ignored by medium to heavy game manufacturers. It is also one of the reasons why they seek to break the circle with the help of advertising.

The second problem that the advertising platform has to solve is a stable ROI.

The head of marketing of a manufacturer told Grape King that nowadays the buying tool is becoming more and more mature, not only can identify which are potential game paying user groups and which are high-spending user groups, but also can identify pay-per-use behaviors. , So that manufacturers can bid through ROI and the number of payments. In other words, the intelligence and flexibility of platform delivery tools enable manufacturers to better control the risk of recycling.

How can we ensure stable and high ROI acquisition? The person in charge of the aforementioned pangolin said that they currently have two core delivery methods: the first direct investment and payment times, flexible matching of different thresholds, and optimization. The second is direct investment paid ROI, which can be flexibly matched with a traffic exclusion package.

Whether it is the number of payments or paid ROI, there must be early accumulation, because the requirements for conversion capabilities are deeper.

In the case of stable delivery of pangolin cooperation, there are many commonalities. First, in the process of stable delivery, the planned infrastructure number is basically more than a few hundred, so that the infrastructure is stable; secondly, the material innovation or highlighting the characteristics of the game content. Or combined with the trial advertising gameplay to help start the volume.

A classic SLG strategy game used pangolin traffic mining to explore new users and find more increments. During the launch, the game material uses rewarded video, and the demo material is used together to help the starting amount. The ROI contrast has increased by 75%, and the user increase accounted for more than 35%.

Two different strategies for stabilizing ROI recovery

03. The private room is actually laid out in layers

Private market marketing usually accompanies the centralized purchase of a single node. Just like the several products mentioned in the article, a single day’s advertising volume can reach tens of thousands, but before and after the node, the advertising volume has shown a cliff-like decline.

This sudden ups and downs delivery model gives people the impression that “I’m all in this wave.”

But the charter is indeed not a wave of studs. Take Lilith for example, when we perceive that the advertisements for “Sword and Crusade” or “The Awakening of Nations” are already pervasive, they have actually accumulated a batch of seed users during the booking stage.

In other words,Before the product officially enters the private market, it should actually have a process of displaying layers and acquiring different types of users.

The cases of chartering mentioned in this article are actually gradual, rather than superficial waves. For example, before the “Kangong Riding Crown Sword” at station B enters the charter session, there are actually layers of layout and circle penetration. Specifically, there are three levels of sequential marketing operations in the game’s release.

The first level is to attract seed users by creating stalks and establishing brand characteristics. The name of this product is Stem, and almost no one can remember its full name as “The Fantasy Adventure of the Princess of Canterbury and the Knight Waking the Sword of the Champion”. However, the name is strange and difficult to spread, but through the contrast effect, users can remember “Kangong Riding Crown Sword”.

Through such a long name stalk, the game attracts a large number of young people who are aware of its cultural symbols in the warm-up phase.

On the second level, the game announcement will be accompanied by the spread of a large number of selling points. For station B, they have produced a large number of relaxed, pixel-styled, and differentiated video content around the characteristics of the Kangong game itself. At this stage, the appeal of station B is to further penetrate the target circle of users.

Then came to the third layer, whose goal is to increase the number of users of In other words, it is a breakthrough in the inherent user circle.At this time, it is the link where the charter marketing appears.

When the game went live, Station B increased its investment in one go, and the daily investment volume almost doubled by 5 times. Not only did we see that station B released almost all the traffic inside the station, to build up the enthusiasm of Kan Gong. At the same time, they also spent a lot of energy on external advertising, such as buying advertising spaces on multiple large-traffic integrated platforms including Douyin, Weibo, Baidu, WeChat, etc., and placing materials around the core elements of the game.

The final result is that Kangong has nearly 2 million reservations at station B, and the game has also successfully hit the top ten best sellers after the game was launched.

A person in charge of a game manufacturer said, “If you only do a charter and do not have the early layers of arrangement, the situation that users will face will be: after watching repeated and superimposed advertisements over and over again, there is no way to get the real product. Core selling point.”

Doesn’t this refer to the traditional way of buying volume products?

All in should not be brainless all in. The marketing director of the aforementioned game company believes that there are actually many technical details in the implementation of the private market strategy. Among them, the largest technical content is the observation and strategy adjustment during the initial launch stage. Manufacturers should continue to observe and judge whether there is a deviation between user costs and the recovery model. If your costs cannot hold and the quality of users drops again, you must adjust the delivery strategy or decide whether to continue to rent out.

In general, the scientific charter should be based on the premise of determining the target users, for different channels and scenarios, investing in the corresponding tools and gameplay, the key points also include the orderly acquisition of customers in stages and the stability of ROI, rather than simply Spending money to pursue repeated exposure.

04. Private room does not mean extensive placement

The huge budgetary investment that accompanies the package space may make marketers frenzy for a while.

However, before making a decision, manufacturers actually need to be clear: the full sense of the package is not a marketing model that most products can use.

In the context of intensified competition in the traffic market and the ever-increasing cost of acquiring customers, the private market model will undoubtedly bring a backlash to products with weak foundations.

Not all products can handle the influx of large flows. But Mr. Grape wants to emphasize that if you have a sufficient understanding of the charter, you can still play the positive effect of this double-edged sword.

The key is to accurately locate target users, strictly control the input-output ratio, and the rhythm of layered layout. Compared with the amount of budget, this model pays more attention to fine operation.

With the cooperation of the advertising platform, the private-sale strategy can derive a semi-private-sale model. This kind of controllability of the launch cost also allows non-head manufacturers to find a suitable way for themselves.

Source: Game Grapes


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