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Prince Anh visited the hospital to visit his father


Prince Charles visited Prince Philip on February 20, who was hospitalized four days ago on the advice of a doctor as a precaution.

Prince Charles, 72 years old, wearing a mask, enters the back door of King Edward VII Hospital in central London. He stayed inside for more than half an hour before leaving. The prince is said to have traveled more than 160 km from Gloucestershire to visit his father.

Prince Philip, 99 years old, was hospitalized on February 16 after feeling unwell. A royal source said he walked into the hospital on his own without help. He added that he is not infected with CoV and insists that hospitalization is a preventive measure, not an emergency.

Prince Charles arrived at King Edward VII Hospital on February 20. Image: Reuters.

His Highness is expected to continue to stay in the hospital next week for monitoring and rest. The source said he was in good spirits.

Mr. Philip was briefly hospitalized at the end of 2019. His Majesty stopped taking on official duties in August 2017 and rarely appeared in public.

During the time Britain imposed restrictions against Covid-19, he stayed at Windsor Castle, west London, with Queen Elizabeth. The two received their first shot of Covid-19 vaccine back in January.

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