Prime Minister Modi spoke up about global propaganda against India involving Greta Thunberg

Prime Minister Modi spoke up about global propaganda against India involving Greta Thunberg

During an event in Assam on Sunday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned a farmer’s “toolkit” for rebellion, tweeted by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg earlier this week.

Assam, which supplies more than half of India’s tea, is also one of five confederate territories that will host council elections in the coming months. Modi was in Assam on Sunday to launch the Asom Mala project aimed at strengthening the state’s road infrastructure.

Speaking in Assam, Modi said: “Some foreign powers are planning to tarnish the image of Indian tea. These guys conspired to systematically defame the image of Indian tea around the world … Documents reveal that some foreign powers are planning to attack the image of India attached to tea. “

“Will you accept this attack? Will you accept people participating in this attack? Will you accept praise for these attackers? “ Mr. Modi added.

Mr. Modi said the people were plotting to smear India already “Lower yourself to the point of not forgiving the Indian tea leaves” – a clear reference to the toolkit that Thunberg tweeted Feb. 3 to mobilize support for the farmer’s rally.

This toolkit includes detailed instructions for a global campaign to support farmers “uprising” against the government of India.

One of the “goals” of this kit is work “Smear the image of Yoga and bottles of India in general.” These two aspects of the campaign’s goal have nothing to do with farmers, but rather to damage India’s image on an international basis. “We have to make the image of tea [của Ấn Độ] worse in the world, “ writing kit.

The toolkit was soon deleted by Thunberg and put up with another copy.

Greta Thunberg and pop star Rihanna are among foreign voices on social media to support the peasant protest.

The “toolkit” shared by Thunberg offers basic advice including participating in on-the-spot demonstrations and demonstrating support on social media. It provides a list of tips and strategies for Greta, like re-posting and tagging influential celebrities like Rihanna.

Some other post formats, like how Greta should tag who, are also found in the document. In the post there are also plans to protest at Indian embassies and government offices abroad.

Police said the creators of the toolkit seemed “Wants to create discord among different social, religious and cultural groups and encourage dissatisfaction and malice against India’s (government)”.

After officials learned of the document intended to promote Indian farmers’ protests, the Indian government began a criminal investigation of the incident.

Greta Thunberg, who was voted “character of the year” by TIME magazine, has become famous for his ideas for fighting “climate change”. Thunberg often dropped out of school and stood before the Swedish Parliament, demanding that the state take action to “save the earth”. She is also the person who recently spoke out against the construction of the Vung Ang 2 thermal power plant in Vietnam, on the grounds of damaging the environment.

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