Price list for Subaru cars: 5 seats high, 7 seats (1/2021)

Price list for Subaru cars: 5 seats high, 7 seats (1/2021)

Price list of the latest Subaru cars at the dealership of the Subaru 5 seats high Forester and Outback, 7 seats …

Price list for Subaru car in January 2021 (listing & rolling)

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Subaru models Listed Roll the cake
Forester 2.0iL 1,128 billion 1,261 – 1,302 billion
Forester 2.0iS 1,218 billion 1,361 – 1,404 billion
Forester 2.0iS EyeSight Camera 360 1,288 billion 1,439 – 1,484 billion
Outback 2.5iS Eyesight 1,868 billion 2,058 – 2,114 billion

New deals at Subaru dealers

There are many incentives when buying Subaru cars at Subaru Vietnam dealers such as:

  • Cash discount
  • Give a new generation multimedia screen
  • Giving valuable genuine accessory package
  • Installment with preferential interest rate

Price for Subaru 5 seats

Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester is a mid-range high-end 5-seater model, directly competing with rivals Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tucson, Peugeot 3008 … Vehicles are distributed in Vietnam as imported from Thailand.

Talking about Subaru cars, people will immediately think of the “legendary” Boxer engine of this company. Like other brothers, the 5-seater Subaru Forester is also equipped with a Boxer engine with a capacity of 2.0L that produces a maximum capacity of 156 hp at 6,200 rpm and a maximum torque of 198 Nm at 4,200 rpm. /minute. Used car CVT gearbox LinearTronic – exclusive to the company.

According to actual user reviews, the Subaru Forester’s Boxer engine block offers smooth operation, low vibration. The car accelerates well. In particular, the Forester moves the terrain quite easily thanks to the powerful engine and the S-AWD drive system. The Subaru Forester chassis system is also rated for high rigidity. This helps the body to achieve good stability. Good car sound insulation.

The Subaru Forester is prized for its performance

The quality of interior finishing on the Subaru Forester is quite impressive. Car space is spacious and airy. Beautifully designed chair system. The car has many modern comfort features. Besides, pcs 5-seater SUV Subaru Forester also stands out in the segment when it comes equipped with many leading active and passive safety features, most notably EyeSight.

On the downside, the Subaru Forester’s design is just durable, and eye-catching isn’t. The car also does not have some equipment so it is available at this price range. But the most significant downside is that the Subaru Forester’s car price is much higher than competitors in the same segment.

  • Price of Subaru Forester 2.0iL: 1,128 billion VND
  • Price of Subaru Forester 2.0iS: 1,218 billion
  • Price Subaru Forester 2.0iS EyeSight Camera 360: 1,288 billion

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is a car in the large 5-seater segment. But with a relatively high price, the Outback becomes a price competitor with many small luxury 5-seater SUVs such as Mercedes GLC, Audi Q3, BMW X1 … Vehicles are distributed in Vietnam in the form of imports from Thailand.

In Vietnam, Subaru Outback is equipped with a 2.5L Boxer engine that produces a maximum capacity of 175 hp at 5,800 rpm and a torque of 235 Nm at 4,000 rpm, combined gear LinearTronic CVT, S-AWD symmetric all-wheel drive.

The Subaru Outback’s Boxer engine block stands out for its power and quiet performance. The quick response from the accelerator, gearbox and steering wheel offers a quite sporty driving experience. Subaru’s symmetrical S-AWD drive system helps Outback effectively promote its grip strength, good stability, flexible maneuverability in a variety of terrain conditions, even on complex off-road.

The Subaru Outback is Subaru’s largest 5-seater undercarriage

With a large size, Subaru Outback owns a spacious interior space. The car is equipped with many modern features and amenities. Outback’s safety system is highly appreciated when it meets the 5-star standard of many reputable organizations.

On the downside, as well as “junior” Forester, the biggest weakness of the Outback is mainly design and price. Compared with competitors in the same segment, the Outback design is not really impressive, does not bring a modern feeling. Although shaped in the popular large car segment, the 5-seat Outback car price is as high as many luxury SUVs or CUVs.

  • Price of Subaru Outback 2.5iS Eyesight: 1,868 billion

The price of a 7-seat Subaru

Subaru Ascent

The Subaru Ascent is a model in the 7-seater large-sized segment, directly competing with rivals Ford Explorer, Toyota Land Cruise Prado … Ascent has 4 versions including standard, Premium, Limited, and Touring. Vehicles are currently exclusively distributed in the North American market with the price from 33,345 USD (equivalent to 775 million VND).

Under the cap of the Subaru Ascent is a 2.4L turbocharged Boxer engine block for a maximum capacity of 260 horsepower and a maximum torque of 376 Nm, combined with a virtual 8-speed CVT gearbox. Vehicles equipped with Symmetrical AWD drive system capable of self-braking when downhill.

Subaru Ascent currently only distributes in the US market

Subaru car pros and cons

Advantages of the Subaru car

  • The famous Boxer engine

Boxer engine block is one of the important factors that made the great success of Japanese carmaker Subaru. Different from the usual in-line 4-cylinder engine, Subaru’s Boxer engine has a horizontal and symmetrical cylinder structure following the letter H. This structure helps to eliminate excess force from each other. Practical experience, the engines on the Subaru models have outstanding smoothness, smoothness and stability.

Subaru has long been known for the boxer engine block with the smooth horizontal cylinder structure
  • Top safety

Subaru models possess a modern and quality safety system. This has helped the Subaru become the mid-range Asian car that received many safety honors. Among them are good safety certification titles, with very rigorous testing levels such as Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick +. This is also the strong point that contributes to Subaru’s great sales success in the US market.

  • FramesSolid roar, flexible movement

Subaru models use the famous Subaru Global Platform (SGP) chassis system. The vehicle also has an S-AWD symmetrical full-time 4-wheel drive system that helps the car achieve very good balance, stable high-speed running, precise response at every steering angle … Ability to conquer bad roads. Subaru’s off-road terrain is not inferior American models good European car.

Subaru models are prized by the rugged Subaru Global Platform chassis
  • Good view

Subaru high-rise cars offer excellent visibility. Small A-pillars, large rear-view mirrors, especially vehicles with Eye Sight system … help the driver to observe the whole situation around the car with minimum blind areas.

Subaru car cons

  • The design lacks accents

This is probably one of the reasons why Subaru cars are highly appreciated but are quite “inactive” in the Vietnamese market. Subaru’s design is still “dense” in the traditional neutral style Japanese car. The car really lacks the distinctive highlight and gives a pretty old feel. This is clearly visible to the limited group of Subaru’s clients.

Subaru’s design is quite “old”, not having many highlights
  • High selling price

Subaru is not classified as a luxury brand Mercedes brand, Audi good BMW. However, the price of a Subaru car is usually quite high. While the performance, equipment and design of Subaru cars are not really outstanding compared to other popular car manufacturers. Therefore, it is not attractive enough for Vietnamese users to accept such a large difference.

  • Little agent system

The total number of Subaru showrooms in Vietnam is very small compared to other car manufacturers. This makes it difficult for the automaker to reach the buyer. Because with cars, not only is buying a car but also the story of warranty, maintenance, repair …

What country is Subaru car company from?

Subaru is an automotive brand of Subaru Corporation from Japan. It used to be the 12th largest car manufacturer in the world in 2012. Subaru vehicles made their own mark with the cylinder boxer engine block arranged horizontally symmetrically, all-wheel drive system S-AWD full time. with outstanding safety system.

Subaru is one of the famous car manufacturers from Japan

About the history of the Subaru automaker, the predecessor of Subaru Corporation is Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) with the inception of an aircraft research laboratory born in 1915. In 1953, Fuji Heavy Industries was officially established, participating. into many manufacturing sectors such as scooters, long-distance vehicles, engines … At the same time, the CEO of FHI began to bring the company into the automobile manufacturing sector. The first car that Fuji Heavy Industries introduced was named Subaru.

Up to now, Subaru is considered one of the successful Asian car brands in the US and Europe markets. In Western countries, Subaru owns many loyal customers. Not going mainstream or massively, Subaru’s marketing focuses only on certain groups of customers who like the automaker’s unique strengths.

The Subaru logo

The name Subaru car company in Japanese is the name of the constellation Tua Rua – also known as the constellation “Seven Sisters” or Seven Sisters. This constellation is located in the great constellation Taurus. The Subaru logo also features a constellation of a large star representing Fuji Heavy Industries and 5 large stars representing the image of the five merging companies that make up Fuji Heavy Industries. Logo blue background symbol for sky.

Manh Truong

Frequently asked questions about Subaru cars

? Which country does Subaru make?

Reply: Subaru is the trademark of the automaker from Japan. Subaru cars are currently being distributed in the Vietnamese market as CBU imported from Thailand.

? What’s so special about a Subaru vehicle?

Reply: Subaru cars are highly priced when possessing many core values ​​and outstanding technology such as: horizontal-cylinder Boxer engine, Subaru Global Platform (SGP), all-wheel drive system Symmetrical AWD time, EyeSight driver assistance technology … Thanks to these core values ​​and modern technology, Subaru vehicles have smooth, stable, flexible, safe and durable operation.

? Are Subaru car parts expensive?

Reply: Subaru auto parts prices are currently more expensive than car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda’s motobike, That

? Is the cost of using a Subaru car high?

Reply: Compared with other popular car manufacturers The cost of using a Subaru vehicle is somewhat higher. Among them is the maintenance cost. Subaru car maintenance prices will not be as expensive as luxury car manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW or Audi … but also not “popular” like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai… Subaru car maintenance price at the first 1,000 km milestone is 1.7 million VND, 5,000 km range 1.7 million, 10,000 km range 2 million, 20 km is more than 4 million …

? Does Subaru have a 7-seater car?

Reply: Subaru has a 7-seater car, the Subaru Ascent. But this model is only distributed exclusively in the North American market.

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