Sforum - Latest technology information page DSC0548 Price is only 1/3 but AirDots pro has 3 advantages that Apple AirPods do not have

Price is only 1/3 but AirDots pro owns 3 advantages that Apple AirPods do not have

Xiaomi always knows how to create interesting stories to tell their users, with cheap products but integrated with many useful features, Xiaomi brand products have quickly entered the mind. consumers. Xiaomi AirDots Pro is such a product, only cost about 1.5 million, but owns a lot of advanced features that even Apple AirPods do not have.

Smart design with LED status indicator outside the charging case

Apple AirPots is a high-end wireless wireless headset product, but as a leading product, pioneering the true wireless trend, Apple cannot avoid the "silly" ways of shaping and designing. Product design.

In the position of being a follower brand, always absorbing and learning new things to improve their products, Xiaomi partly saw the disadvantages of AirPods design.

Specifically, the layout of the LED status message, the AirPods gen 1 and the gen 2 (the charger version) are all placed inside the case, making the user to check whether the charger is full or not, or check the connection, it is necessary to open the case cover. But with AirDots Pro, Xiaomi has put LED lights outside the case, thereby helping to monitor the charging status, connecting a lot easier, users also do not need to take extra steps "open the lid".

Sforum - Latest technology information page DSC0575 Price is only 1/3 but AirDots pro owns 3 advantages that Apple AirPods do not have

Apple probably also realized its silly things so the 2nd generation of AirPods (wireless charging version) of the Apple house has brought LED lights outside.

Active noise control – Active noise control

In many articles on hand and open AirDots Pro box of many Vietnamese technology sites, most of them "praised" the active noise protection feature on this product and of course AirPods were quickly compared. AirPods are more expensive but there is no active noise protection, the AirDots Pro is cheap but has active noise suppression …

Sforum - Latest technology information page DSC0527 Price is only 1/3 but AirDots pro owns 3 advantages that Apple AirPods do not have

Not much random, but AirPods are made for comparison of active noise resistance with AirDots Pro. Understand that active noise suppression (Active Noise Control – ANC) is a feature often present in high-end headset models, ANC helps users get their own quiet space without being affected by too much sound around. Thereby helping the melody, the songs are clearly and detailed, easily touching the listeners' feelings.

Sforum - Latest technology information page DSC0571 Price is only 1/3 but AirDots pro owns 3 advantages that Apple AirPods do not have

Drilling refers to the quality of ANC of AirDots Pro, look at the price, a product that costs only 1.5 million VND but is equipped with ANC, on the other hand, the home appliance price of more than 4 million VND is not calculated This feature is clear that Xiaomi once again shows their "goodness" in creating cheap products with many high-end features.

Water resistance

Apple did not mention the water resistance of AirPods while Xiaomi manufacturer AirDots still equipped with IPX4 water resistance.

The IPX4 is a medium, non-premium water resistant standard like IP68 that we often see, with IPX4 AirDots Pro that can resist water splashes anywhere on the hands. But if "water immersion" then AirDots Pro cannot "resist".

Sforum - Latest technology information page DSC0552 Price is only 1/3 but AirDots pro owns 3 advantages that Apple AirPods do not have

However, equipping your product with a durable design that meets water resistance standards IPX4 will provide peace of mind for users when you use it, for example, you wear headphones while riding and meet a small rain You can still confidently keep moving without removing the headset from the ear.

In some cases, for example, if you unfortunately get splashed with water or use headphones while brushing your teeth, cleaning, … the water resistance also helps a lot more confident when using.


Above are the points that the Xiaomi AirDots Pro headset is said to be "better" than Apple AirPods, of course, overall, AirDots Pro still has some disadvantages such as bad sound quality Battery life is not too good.

But say go also need to say again, with a price of about 1.5 million and the advanced features included, AirDots Pro is a product worth the user experience.



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