Preview of the new Spring Festival series: Xiao Zhan's two dramas are on the list, who are you looking forward to most?

Preview of the new Spring Festival series: Xiao Zhan’s two dramas are on the list, who are you looking forward to most?

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The first month of 2021 is also fleeting, and the following major video websites and satellite TV platforms have long been gearing up for the upcoming Spring Festival. And Tencent Video Merchants Information also exposed the new drama that will be broadcast in the first quarter. Since January is about to end, the following dramas are all aimed at the Spring Festival. The author will bring you a preview of the new Chinese New Year series: Xiao Zhan’s two dramas are on the list, who are you most looking forward to?

Please advise for the rest of your life

In the play, Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan have joined forces with two top-notch players. They were finished very early and passed the trial early. It can be said that everything is ready and only owes east wind. The webcasting platform of “The rest of my life, please advise me” is on Tencent Video, and the previous satellite channel on the satellite is Hunan Satellite TV. When many netizens are wondering why this drama has not been broadcasted on Hunan TV, recently there was news that the drama was changed to Dragon TV. It is reported that Dragon TV bought the copyright of the show, and Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi will soon bring the new drama. Strong return.

Douluo Dalu

It is also a new play by Xiao Zhan, which is run by the well-known screenwriter Wang Juan. I believe the quality of this play can be guaranteed. This time, Xiao Zhan’s partner is Wu Xuanyi, who is also a very popular actress. What kind of sparks the two will have in the play is very much looking forward to. It is worth noting that “Douluo Dalu” was adapted as a well-known IP. Not only does it have two main actors, but it is also expected to be broadcast on CCTV, which is surprising and unexpected.

In the trailer for the new movie previously exposed by CCTV, this “Douro Mainland” appeared impressively, and fans were very excited. CCTV has a strong audience base and can broadcast on CCTV, which is very beneficial to the actors and the work itself. And this is also another star drama by Xiao Zhan. It seems that he is going to dominate the screen! It is reported that the play is about to land on Yangba. It has been reviewed and is waiting to be broadcast. I believe it will be launched soon.

Long song line

“Long Song Xing” starring Reba, Wu Lei, Zhao Lusi, Liu Yuning and others is also unbroadcast first. This drama is also a big IP in ancient costumes, and the outside world is very concerned. In the past impression, this type of subject matter should be difficult to review, but I did not expect that it would be reviewed soon after the completion. And as another costume drama of Reba, fans have long been looking forward to it.

Of course, Wu Lei, Zhao Lusi and others have joined in. What’s more surprising is that the show also appeared in the trailer of CCTV earlier. It seems that CCTV will also follow the flow and quality route. At present, Tencent Video has also exposed the broadcast progress of this drama, and it is expected to meet you at the Spring Festival.

Yunnan Worm Valley

“Yunnan Insect Valley” starring Pan Yueming, Zhang Yuqi, and Jiang Chao is also about to be aired. The “Ghost Blowing Lantern” series has been released in multiple versions. Taiwanese movies are enjoyable. The play takes on the plot of “Longling Miku” and tells the story of the expedition trio of Hu Bayi. Don’t watch this drama have a lot of marketing, but the word-of-mouth is rising step by step when it is broadcast, and the platform audience is even more stable. Therefore, the series are also arranged, and the filming and broadcasting of “Yunnan Worm Valley” is like a rocket, and will soon meet with the audience. However, it is reported that Pan Yueming has signed multiple episodes of the series, and it seems that the Iron Triangle must meet again.

The above dramas are just a few new dramas to be broadcast by Tencent Video, with different audiences and novel themes. We noticed that Xiao Zhan has two dramas, including Yang Zi, Reba, Pan Yueming, Zhao Lusi, Zhang Yuqi and many other actors returning. I wonder who you are most looking forward to?


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