Preview Gamedec – Techno Elysium ?

Is it the Cyberpunk 2077 effect, or in any case the buzz effect before the industrial accident, that gave rise to ideas? Or is there a general climate, an atmosphere, which carries the genre at the moment? Still, cyberpunk game projects (the genre, not the license) have multiplied in recent months.

Thus, in addition to the castaway of CD Projekt, we think of The Ascent, which should arrive this year, but also of Cloudpunk, which will soon benefit from a DLC bigger than the game itself, or the new version of the classic Blade Runner, which has fallen behind but is still in the pipeline.

We also think of the game that will occupy us here: Gamedec, RPG which seemed very promising to us during the first announcements. We were able to see what it is all about thanks to a short demo that gives a glimpse (but only a glimpse!) Of the atmosphere and the gameplay.

In Gamedec, we therefore embody a Gamedec, a sort of private detective specializing in the virtual world, just as plagued by crime as this good old real world. The game takes place in a future where reality, virtual, and augmented reality merge. and can fool the senses. We have an example of this fairly quickly in the demo that we tested, since one of the characters has an accessory, a kind of glider in the shape of Batman wings, which our avatar does not really know if it is ‘a hologram, a game device, or whatever …

The universe seems to have a rather classic mythology but enhanced with original touches. For the classic, we thus have a character whose husband survived an accident only thanks to his beheading. He has since been kept alive in the form of a head deprived of a body. More original, the city where the action takes place is infested with wild beasts, gigantic rats and other giant bats. Automatic defense devices therefore hover above the city and are responsible for shooting at the animals if they get too close to the dwellings.

Autonomous head, or wild beasts, it will be necessary to make its own representation. The title, faithful to the role-playing spirit, is indeed very textual., and most of the context is given by the dialogues. Disco Elysium has been there.

In a completely different universe, that of the rain and neon lights of Blade Runner, Gamedec nevertheless takes a lot of things seen in Disco Elysium : the view in isometric 3D, classic of the “old-fashioned” RPG, the numerous dialogues (even if – a priori – a little less rich than those of the game of ZA / UM), and the fact that the latter can influence to both the construction of our character and the continuation of the story. The lack of combat, too, will be a strong reminder of the Disco Elysium legacy.

Gamedec multiple choice dialogs
A cursor changes the alignment of our character according to the choices in the dialogues …

Another element of gameplay borrowed, but from the Sherlock Holmes series this time: the clues. As the dialogues progress, our character gathers different clues that form mental nodes, and that will have to be linked to try to clarify the mystery, exactly as in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments.

If we are rather excited by what we have seen, this demo is really too short to get an idea of ​​the ambition of the game. Nevertheless, graphically, it is successful, the cold and sticky atmosphere of cyberpunk is well there. We appreciate the writing and in particular the way in which lore is revealed in small anecdotal touches. We will have to see if this will indeed be the case for the full version, expected for September 16 on PC. Good news, this one will include French! The game will then be released a little later on Switch.


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