Prevention and treatment against mosquito bites

Prevention and treatment against mosquito bites

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Tropical regions are more prone to mosquito bites. The reaction to these bites can be quite uncomfortable and some people still develop an allergy to the bites, which can become infected. Understand how to prevent bites and also the infections caused by it.

  • Reactions caused by mosquitoes

    • Local reactions without aggravating factors

    • Generalized local reactions

    • Many bites

    • Infection at the bite site

    • General reactions

  • Tips for suffering less mosquito bites

  • Prevention with antihistamines

  • Treatment for mosquito bites

    • Local treatment

    • Antihistamines

    • Antibiotics

Reactions caused by mosquitoes

Local reactions without aggravating factors

Mosquitoes can cause local simple reactions and major inflammatory, accompanied by a lot of itching.

Generalized local reactions

They can also cause more extensive inflammatory reactions of several centimeters in diameter, accompanied by a hot and painful edema with intense itching. Most of the time, it is caused by local allergic reactions.

Many bites

Sometimes, you can suffer many bites at the same time and each of the bites may cause a local reaction of moderate or severe.

Infection at the bite site

A bacterial infection of one or more injuries can occur caused by one or more stings, especially in children. In some cases, antibiotic treatment is needed to fight infection.

General reactions

More important general reactions, such as urticaria, difficulty breathing or angioedema, but are uncommon.

Tips for suffering less mosquito bites

Use wider and thicker clothes which cover the arms and legs, avoiding dark colors and very bright clothes because they attract insects. It is important to know that mosquitoes can bite through clothing, and also in less exposed or unlikely places on the body, such as the ankles and abdomen. In areas where there are a lot of mosquitoes or for people who cannot use skin repellents, a special insecticide for clothes.

In closed environments, it is recommended to use of mosquito nets. Electrical appliances, fans, or insecticidal outlet devices are relatively effective. Turn on these devices from dusk and dawn, when the risk of a bite is greatest. Check with your doctor or pharmacist to find out what products can be used on children. THE citronella it allows protection for only about an hour against bites and is not recommended for children under two years of age.

Prevention with antihistamines

The treatment preventive with antihistamines can be prescribed in the weeks during a trip to a region with a greater presence of mosquitoes, such as the Amazon.

Treatment for mosquito bites

Local treatment

Alcohol swabs should be applied two or three times a day about the location of the bite. A corticosteroid ointment can also be applied in case of a more serious local reaction.


a antihistamine it can also be prescribed to treat mosquito bites to prevent itching that can lead to infection.


a antibiotic treatment will be prescribed if an infection has already occurred.

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