Prevent Virus infection from USB to computer (by software)

Prevent Virus infection from USB to computer (by software)

USB portable storage is now too familiar to everyone, it makes it possible to back up data and move around quickly, but it also has a lot of potential for infiltration from malicious software. Inside.

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In order to limit the infection of malware from one computer to another via USB, the following ElectrodealPro would like to introduce to you how to effectively use anti-virus software from USB to computer. , watch together.

ngan chan spreading the usb virus to the computer using the mem

Instructions to prevent virus infection from USB to the computer by software

1. Software 1: Phrozen Safe USB is a small utility that doesn’t need to be installed, downloaded to your computer and run. You can download the latest version of Phrozen Safe USB here.

– When running the utility, it will give us 3 options as shown below.

+ USB Devices Activated: When you choose this option, your USB will read and write data normally.

USB Devices Read Only: When you select this option, your USB can only read data and is not allowed to write data to USB

+ USB Devices Disable: When you select this option, your USB flash drive will be disabled, unable to read or write data.

For security, the program will let you set a password to prevent others from changing your settings Setting (Figure wheel) then set the password and select Apply

– When you choose one of the 3 options above, immediately it will work immediately without having to restart the computer.

From there you can choose the plan to use USB in the safest way to prevent malicious software from spreading from the USB to the computer and vice versa.

2. Software 2: FireWall USB is a software that protects against virus from spreading from computer to peripheral devices such as USB and vice versa, especially provided free of charge for users, simple and easy to use interface. You can download the latest version of FireWall USB here.

– After installing you start the program:

– FireWall USB has been installed on the computer, every time you insert the USB into the computer, the program will automatically scan for malicious codes, if detected, it will display a message to remove if we want.

– To remove if found, just Click Clean All Partition

– Done Click Minimize let the program run in the background on the toolbar.

Attention: You should only use one of the above software, do not combine two or more software to avoid conflicts.
So with the above article, we have introduced you to two software that can prevent the infection of malware from USB to the computer and vice versa, in addition you can refer and use how to prevent infection. USB virus infection to a computer without software.


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