Pretty Woman At The Four Seasons

Pretty Woman At The Four Seasons

Speaking of “Pretty Woman,” Julia Roberts, who played the heroine Vivian in the blockbuster movie of the 90’s, became the idol of women all over the world.
The name Pretty Woman Afternoon Tea appeared at the Four Seasons Hotel Otemachi for a limited time.
In the movie, French Jeweler FRED is famous for the necklace worn by Julia in a bright red dress. This time it is a collaboration afternoon tea with FRED.

Who didn’t fall in love with Julia Robert’s in Pretty Woman? Fall in love all over again with Four Seasons Otemachi’s Pretty Woman afternoon tea. The tea is partnered with Fred Jewelry of Paris who made the stunning jewelry that adorned Julia and burned that love story into our hearts.

Like a movie with lots of wonderful gifts, we are happy to receive limited gifts at the FRED Ginza main store boutique.
As Julia was adorned with gifts, so does this tea come with a small gift from Fred.

This colorful afternoon tea by executive pastry chef Yusuke Aoki beautifully expresses the world of the film. And the symphony created by each luxurious taste is a deliciousness that makes you feel happy.

This new afternoon tea by Yusuke Aoki has reached new heights of luxurious taste. Truly one of the most delicious symphony of little bites I’ve ever tasted.

Strawberry and yuzu tartlet
Red berry and pistachio cake
Strawberry and white chocolate savarin
Passion fruit bonbon chocolate
Rare cheese raspberry mousse
Fig and white chocolate meringue
Dark chocolate and caramel apple
The Sweet
Strawberry Yuzu Tartlet
Red Berry Pistachio Cake
Strawberry, White Chocolate Savaran
Passion Fruit Heart Bonbon
Cream Cheese Raspberry Mousse
White Chocolate Fig Meringue
Dark Chocolate Caramel Apple

Honey foie gras milk jelly and raspberries
Smoked salmon sandwich cucumber and beet sour cream
Vegetable tostada zucchini, dried tomatoes, olives
Chicken breast and bacon kale red cabbage sandwich
Lobster Egg Sandwich Saffron Aioli
Honey Foie Gras, Milk Jelly, Raspberry
Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Cucumber, Beetroot, Sour Cream
Vegetable Tostada, Marinated Root Vegetables
Chicken Breast and Bacon Sandwich
Lobster Egg Salad Canape with Saffron Aioli

Raisins, strawberries, pistachios and cranberries
Clotted cream
Seasonal fruit jam
Raisin, Strawberry, Pistachio Cranberry

Please find your Pretty Woman at Four Seasons Hotel Otemachi.

White strawberries ….
White diamonds ….
Find your Pretty Woman at The Four Seasons Otemachi.

Afternoon Tea

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