Presumed conspirator The misfortunes hound on Raymond Têtu

Presumed conspirator The misfortunes hound on Raymond Têtu

The misfortunes continue to plague an alleged conspirator who, after contracting COVID-19 in prison, has just been dumped by his lawyer, which once again delays his release investigation.

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Raymond Têtu, this 51-year-old man from Val-des-Monts, in Outaouais, indicted among other things for having in his possession prohibited weapons and uttering death threats against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, appeared again Friday before the court at the Gatineau courthouse.

However, the proceedings were short-lived, while his lawyer, Me Gérard Larocque, withdrew from the case, even if he had pleaded on March 23 the first half of the investigation for release. of his ex-client, a situation described as “exceptional” by judge Mark Philippe.

The fifty-year-old does not seem to be at the end of his sentences, because he would experience financial problems, which would complicate the recruitment of a new lawyer to defend his cause.

“[Les avocats] ask for money, i wanted to remortgage my house, but i was defrauded and it’s hard [de faire bouger les choses] from within, ”he said, in a sometimes agitated manner, to Judge Philippe by videoconference.

New charges

In addition, two new charges were added on Friday to Raymond Têtu’s file, for drug trafficking and possession of a prohibited weapon.

Remember that last January, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police raided the man’s residence located on Chemin Fogarty, in Val-des-Monts. The police reportedly found various drugs there, counterfeit American banknotes, as well as two automatic submachine guns.

In addition to these new accusations, Raymond Têtu must also face justice for hateful comments and threatening remarks, even violent, that he would have made on social media towards various groups, forcing certain platforms to temporarily close his pages.

His favorite target, however, was Justin Trudeau and his family. He allegedly suggested hiring a contract killer to liquidate the Prime Minister of Canada and his bodyguards. He also reportedly encouraged his readers to burn down his house.


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