CEO Nham Chinh Phi: President Trump's statement of amnesty does not affect Huawei much - Photo 1.

President Trump's "amnesty" statement did not affect Huawei very much

Recently, US President Donald Trump has stated that he will continue to allow US companies to cooperate and buy technology and components with Huawei. Sharing with Financial Times, founder and CEO of Huawei, Nham Chinh Phi said Mr Trump's statement will not affect Huawei's business much because it has adjusted its operations to be ready to deal with. every move from the US.

Declaring in Osaka, Japan, on the sidelines of the G20 Conference, Mr. Trump said it would be unfair for US companies to continue the ban with Huawei. Earlier, many US companies had asked the US Commerce Department to loosen the ban with Huawei because it would harm US consumers as well as the development of the technology industry in general.

"President Trump's statement is good news for US companies. Huawei is willing to continue buying products from US companies.", Mr. Nham said. "But we do not see any significant impact on what we are doing. We will still focus on our work."

When asked about Mr. Nham's statements, Huawei did not have any comment.

In May, Huawei was put on the list of banned cooperation, buying and selling technology and components with US companies. The Trump administration believes that Huawei products are potentially at risk of threatening US national security.

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