President Trump: The world must speak with one voice: 'China must pay the price'

President Trump: The world must speak with one voice: ‘China must pay the price’

Former President Donald Trump has asked the world to come closer together and voice a unified voice that: “China must pay the price” for causing the global corona virus pandemic.

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“It’s time for the US and the world to demand compensation from the Chinese Communist Party and take responsibility.” Mr. Trump vehemently announced before the North Carolina Republican Convention on Saturday night.

“We should all declare with one voice that China must pay the price. They have to pay the price.”

Then, Mr. Trump gave the “minimum” figure that China must pay the world at 10 trillion USD: “All countries should work together to present an invoice to China, a minimum of $10 trillion in damages.”

The “compensation” should first begin with all countries canceling all debts owed to China.

Mr Trump said: “As a first step, all countries should come together to cancel any debt they owe to China as a compensatory payment. The nations of the world no longer owe China. China has destroyed many countries.”

“Countries of the world, they have been ruined. These countries have been ruined [bởi virus corona].”

Former President Trump also advised Americans not to trust Biden to hold China accountable.

“Sadly, the current administration is so timid and blatantly corrupt, when you look at all the money their families have been given by China,” he said. Mr. Trump said. “Instead of blaming China, the Biden administration shut down the US government’s investigation into the origins of the virus shortly after taking office. What is happening?”

Mr. Trump later criticized Hunter Biden’s reported business dealings with China.

“Hunter, who had no experience, was paid $1.5 billion,” Mr. Trump said. “It is a disgrace. We must never forget that Joe Biden and his family took millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party.”

“They bribed him. They blatantly lied about it to American voters.” Mr. Trump said.

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