President Trump sent a cold warning letter to the Director-General of WHO
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President Trump sent a cold warning letter to the Director-General of WHO


President Trump sent a cold warning letter to the Director-General of WHO



US President Donald Trump has just threatened to stop funding the World Health Organization (WHO) if the agency is not committed to improving within 30 days, maybe even consider. US membership at WHO again.

President Trump threatened to stop funding permanently to WHO (Image: Axios)

President Trump stopped funding for WHO last month, accusing the agency of encouraging China to “spread false information” about the COVID-19 epidemic, although WHO officials denied the allegations, while China insists that it is transparent and open about information.

“If WHO does not commit to significant improvements within the next 30 days, I will turn the provisional freeze on WHO funding to permanent and reconsider our membership,” Trump said in a statement. The letter to WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus is posted on Twitter.

Earlier, Mr. Trump said that the WHO had “done a very sad job” in dealing with the outbreak of the new strain of corona virus, originating in China late last year, and that he would soon decide on funding. .

In his letter to Tedros, President Trump said that the only way for the WHO to move forward was to demonstrate independence from China, adding that his administration had begun discussing organizational reform with Mr. Tedros.

Trump also made a series of allegations against China in the letter, including a statement that Beijing tries to block evidence that corona virus can be transmitted from person to person, pressuring WHO to The agency did not declare a state of emergency, refused to share information and samples, did not allow foreign access to Chinese research facilities and scientists.

Responding to the letter, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Lian Jian said that Mr. Trump’s letter was slander.

“The letter of the US leader is full of ideas, sayings that are possible, and about the possibilities and attempts to distract public opinion through this measure, aiming to achieve slander and slander. China’s anti-epidemic forces and want others to take responsibility for their ineffective prevention efforts, “Zhao said during a press conference on May 19.

Trieu Lap Kien said the decision to stop funding US WHO was a violation of their international obligations.

Earlier this week, the WHO said that an independent assessment of how the global response to the COVID-19 epidemic would begin soon, and received support from Chinese sources.

WHO, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is leading the global initiative to develop safe and effective vaccines, trials to prevent, diagnose, and treat COVID-19.

According to Reuters data, there are currently more than 4.75 million people infected with COVID-19 globally, and 314,414 deaths.

In 2019, the United States provided more than $ 400 million to WHO, equivalent to 15% of its operational budget. Since the beginning of the year, the US has provided about 58 million USD to WHO.



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